Way of the Warrior – Way of the Samurai [4/4]

Here іt іѕ again! Finally! Sorry fοr tһе wait аחԁ I wουƖԁ Ɩіkе tο thank everyone wһο msged mе аbουt tһе 4th раrt οf tһіѕ wonderful documentary fοr tһеіr patience. Pаrt οf a eight раrt series documentary οח tһе Martial Arts οf south аחԁ south east Asia, originally broadcast οח tһе BBC іח tһе early 1980s. Tһіѕ episode follows аח ancient Dojo іח Japan wһο still practice tһе Samurai way. Pаrt 4 οf 4 раrtѕ.

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24 Responses to “Way of the Warrior – Way of the Samurai [4/4]”

  • Victor Sang yum says:

    man the wonders of the land of the worriors, how japan has changed.

  • dwilson254 says:

    That’s like watching a video of firearm instructors shooting 1911’s and machine guns and saying, “And yet a nuclear bomb could end any of them.”

    We know a sword cannot stand up to a gun, you dummy. History has shown us that. Just appreciate the video and the ancient arts. It’s a beautiful culture.

    Not everything has to be a tough man competition.

  • dwilson254 says:

    Katori Shinto Ryu

  • Yiroooo says:

    shinto is it?

  • Yiroooo says:

    Which ryu is it?

  • TheIcelandicPatriot says:

    Wise and true words you speak indeed.

  • xxSyphenxx says:

    6:56 EPIC

  • dosdadio siapa says:

    yes a colt 1911 can kill them but a sword can kill also the man with a 1911. the contrast is the 1911 man uses that thing so he can do his purpose from a distance. The man with sword must com in contact so his sword is effective. In other words the two have different courage.

  • Alex Lyons says:

    …and yet a colt 1911 could end any of them…

  • Matthew Proudman says:

    a man who lives for war, his heart is at peace
    a man who lives for peace, his heart is at war

  • dragondisaster says:

    It has become part of their culture just like Chines characters

  • Altaykai Yamada says:

    actually Japanese dont have dragons in their culture.the dragons are achinese culture adoption.

  • dragondisaster says:

    Initially I was, but then I realized that East Asians do not have dragons, daimyos did not live in castles and the chinese monarch is not called an emperor. Its quite common to use substitute words for subjects that are similar in another culture to the speaker.

  • JustAnAdjunct says:


    He didn’t “find peace”, he probably just lost the energy to fight when he got old (plus he had a track record that satisfied him and hence less of a need to prove something by winning duels). Reading the “Book of Five Rings” I didn’t get the impression he viewed the world the same way modern samurai do. He was really good at what he did – fighting people, not just physically but mentally as well. Perhaps that doesn’t make him a good role model in this age, but again – that’s irrelevant.

  • JustAnAdjunct says:


    From the Ground Book: “The warrior is different in that studying the Way of Strategy is based on overcoming men. By victory gained in crossing swords with individuals, or enjoining battle with large numbers, we can attain power and fame for ourselves or our lord. This is the virtue of strategy.”

    Sounds pretty “distorted” to me. I don’t blame the guy or anything. He lived in a different age than we do, so I don’t know why people feel the need to justify the way he conducted himself.

  • dbaa23 says:

    Maybe. But historically, it can be argued that Musashi used all that he learned by the end of life to find peace. Perhaps his life was one journey away from “distortion”.

  • Theunit236 says:

    I’m practicing jiu-jitsu tomorrow is my second lesson, so I’m only a white belt but it’s never too late to start(I’m 14) and I like to learn an old art like jiu-jitsu it’s not only hand to hand combat but I will learn to handle a sword and Bo too.

  • aquasole says:

    where can i find this dojo of master take?

    thanks and have a nice day^^p

  • FarP321 says:

    this dude is old school

  • JustAnAdjunct says:

    7:55 - Um, Miyamoto Musashi?

  • Zach Siltanen says:

    I know right you’d think for a documentary they’d at least get the names right!

  • muffinman1 says:

    Naginata, not halberd, right guys?

  • SuckMyKintama says:

    I am inspired by samurai like this. I agree with this guy.

  • LadyKlife says:

    Thank you for making this series available on YouTube. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I think this is the same school that was featured in the NOVA documentary on swordmaking.

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