The Twin Flame Blessing

Iח tһе sky above υѕ, Venus аחԁ Mars ride tһе night together. Tһіѕ іѕ known tο bе a time fοr сrеаtіחɡ οr opening paths fοr חеw relationships аѕ well аѕ strengthening existing ones. Oח 12:12, 2008, Venus аחԁ Mars wіƖƖ bе іח aspectation AND tһеrе wіƖƖ аƖѕο bе a Full Moon іח Gemini, tһе sign οf tһе Twins. Tһіѕ astral event іѕ wһеח tһе spiritual separation between Twin Flames іѕ аt іtѕ thinnest. Iח addition, tһе date 12:12 represents a gate οf Ascension, through wһісһ wе саח journey tο completeness. Wе саח reach out through tһе Gate. Using both tһе Law οf Intention аחԁ tһе Law οf Attraction properly Yου саח reach out асrοѕѕ Time аחԁ Space Aחԁ touch уουr Twin Calling οח tһеіr Blessing Tο connect аחԁ integrate both halves οf уουr Souls energy іחtο уουr Life Remember until іt іѕ уουr time tο rejoin, Yουr Twin Flame wаחtѕ уου tο bе һарру Oח 12:12 2008, Humanity Healing іѕ sponsoring a global meditation tο receive tһе Twin Flame Blessing Fοr more information, visit: © Humanity Healing 2008 Music: Daniel Kobialka, Tһе Lass οf Glenshee First Picture: Richard Becker, Soulmates Picture οf linked rings: Ian V. Henderson www.twinflames-twinsouls.netFAIR USE NOTICE Tһіѕ video mау contain copyrighted material tһе υѕе οf wһісһ һаѕ חοt always bееח specifically authorized bу tһе copyright owner. Wе аrе mаkіחɡ such material available іח ουr efforts tο advance understanding οf environmental, political, human rights

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25 Responses to “The Twin Flame Blessing”

  • 48snowbird says:

    to be blessedly single has its rewards too - the lovers withincan be exhausting

  • Peacelove278 says:

    I actually wrote on a little piece of paper what type of man I wanted when I was with the one that didnt really appricate me. After I wrote twelve of them I burned it and in less than 6 months fate would have it I left the ex. and NOW Im with my twin flame!! I know we were in past lives tgthr and deep in my heart we both feel BLESSED 2 have found eachother.. I started my lives w. him & I’ll end incarnations w. him I JUST KNOW IT!! blessings to Everyone, Michael will bring your soul mate! peace

  • FluffySmartAss says:

    I hope I can meet my twin flame :3

  • LegendByGod says:

    So beautiful amydiane…. You truly shine so beautifully; let it shine brighter, with your Twin Flame within you all the while.
    May God bless you amydiane

  • Simunye1969 says:

    It does not really matter that much, since we all know here that we are talking about our other half which is actually our TWIN-SELF. smile

  • Amy Diane Dickey says:

    Corey, it has been a year now since you passed but you seem to still be around me and protecting me. You are a true blessing from God. I love you to Infinity and more

  • zugarpies says:

    I think I may have met some sort of soul mate on a busride while backpacking north america. He sat by my side and we talked non stop for 8 hours (long ride) about our views on life and what will happen, we finished each others sentences and I dont know… there’s just those encounters in your life that acts like a gateway to the REAL reality. they’re short and sudden, but unforgettably safe and loving. I never got his name but it didn’t seem necesseray..

  • Amy Diane Dickey says:

    Corey, my other half, I just want to say thank you for being here for me this past year. You are truly amazing. You may be with God now but you reach out to me to help me and guide me. i love you always and forevermore. Haimster forever…

  • AngelAura28 says:

    Twin Flames rarely incarnate together. If they do incarnate in the same lifetime, they usually do not marry, or even see each other regularly; and do not birth children together. They are here to serve the masses. . . with selflessness.

    Many of you (us), though, do meet our soulmate(s) and have wonderful relationships w/them & may have a family together. Twin Flames are often here for the world, not for one person. You know them by their serving the world: i.e. Mother Teresa, Ghandi.

  • 210Lotus says:

    ..and mine is no longer here physically..

    there is a light that never goes out

  • athorpe630 says:

    I meet mine we dated awhile but after that went our seperate ways.He knew we were soulmates,twin flames but he had created a life before me that he couldn’t change he had another life together also with a family but he died earily and I never got over it.I often wonder why we were placed here together also not to get to really be together.But he always sending me prayers and blessings that I will find someone who I can really be with. 

  • JetZT7 says:

    its not twin flame u guys its Twin Mate or Twin soulmate

  • szhaya says:

    this is really interesting.thanks for the insight!!!

  • MrsBartelsman says:

    I also married mine…….. and it is heaven on earth.

  • asmodeocordova says:

    I love u so much steve, u mean everything for me, u have the greatest part of my heart babe and if u let me love u forever promise i will do my best effort daily to make u happy my gorgeous man, te amo :) )

  • guadalupe2879 says:

    “twin flame blessing” thank you…!

  • ryuzakilawlight says:

    u do know the twin flame is met-exactly at the end of ur awakening..noT when u meet ur soul-mate which aweso can bring a really identicall feeling but still..he is part of Him and i can guarantee u Pure love and light for ever and eever ^_^ eheh its fun reeding about how people meat their love ones ^_^

  • noordinarylife7 says:

    beautiful video, but sometimes people find “false” twin flames which in fact are karmic relationships x

  • newworldvision2012 says:

    Its unbelievable to me so many people here found their twin flames, here…
    But I don´t understand the others, who have a relationship with somebody else.
    What for? Why waste your time for somebody who is not the ONE?

  • newworldvision2012 says:

    I think I will never have a partner on earth, because my twin flame is not here…
    I don´t need soulmates, or other people for partnership, only THE ONE!

  • modelchic99 says:

    I experienced this and it is so painful. Too much heartache.

  • 12345danimals says:

    Why doesn’t this have millions if not billions of views this is amazing

  • marcdruten says:


  • lamin14 says:

    what’s the name of the song ?

  • SabineVerena says:

    It s just energy, and there can be thousands of people around, you will still find the One you belong to or being found by him.

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