The Primary Series – Express

Integrate mind, body аחԁ breath іח аח abbreviated Primary Series class fοr аƖƖ levels. Allow уουr worries tο dissipate іח tһіѕ briskly paced, moving meditation wіtһ Adi.

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22 Responses to “The Primary Series – Express”

  • 101nazgul says:

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  • yanruoj says:

    Thank You so much for this Awesome Yoga Video

  • FicelleProductions says:

    Just brilliant. This is where I first fell in love with Adi. Like someone else said, I would buy it if I could . . . . It’s not even on the website for viewing, which is a shame.

  • riverscollide says:

    This was absolutely perfect! All the other videos on yoga felt like a crazy work out, while this one was perfect. It was a little challenging and relaxing: something i’ve been needing. I popped bones in my body I didn’t know I could pop.

  • Spinelet360 says:

    This was great. Thanks :)

  • vit78devi says:

    Very good demonstration and instructions. Thank you Adi.

  • anika920 says:

    16:57 ooo fancy! I haven’t seen that before have to try it!

  • hypergenius says:

    Very nice. Thank you :o )

  • FaryaBibonett says:

    Oh, I think I’m wrong, I just noticed. Oh, well.

  • FaryaBibonett says:

    Is this hatha yoga? I haven’t watch it, I can’t right now, but I’m interested to know(:

  • Jess Klein says:

    Fabulous – thank you!

  • beckaburoo says:

    This was fantastic! Thank you so much! Just perfect for a quiet, quick fix on hectic days.

  • Bonkersasabatbrush says:

    You look perfect in all of the poses! Keep the videos coming!

  • ken79491261 says:

    I like your emphasis on breathing. I find a lot of workouts kind of string a bunch of poses together and talk about breathing, but this workout REALLY shows the breathing! Thanks.

  • Suzanne Christine says:

    This is great for us Moms — whose everyday life is “the holiday season.”

  • radioheadkids2 says:

    Robotic yogarobics? If this is your teacher, she will get you hurt, and it will take you much much longer to open up (cuz you will be sore, lol). Remember, anyone that is not telling you to relax in all postures, shite.

    She is forcing her own body into poses!!! NOT GOOD. Flexibility first, the rest will follow, relaxing the body will (think dead weight) open you up and bring more strength.

    Peace, yoga troll

  • miladylondonlime says:

    Love this video, use it every few days. feels great and lovely flow. I’m curious what the ‘heads of the arm bones’ are though. not sure.. elbows? or shoulders?

  • sloppymantis says:

    What an amazing and healthy body you have maintained! You are awesome!

  • JulesGod says:

    THANK-YOU xxxx

  • JulesGod says:

    Adi you are great! Thank-you

  • mpgalindo says:

    Great flow, great teacher! Namaste.

  • Bluebelial says:

    thanks very much for this, perfect for in the morning before you leave the house :) 

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