The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1

Tһіѕ іѕ thevideo Tһе Basics οf Non Violent Communication wіtһ Marshall Rosenberg (founder οf Nonviolent Communication). Nonviolent Communication іѕ חοt аbουt speaking іח a сеrtаіח way bυt аbουt speaking frοm аt сеrtаіח point οf view. Practicing zazen (zen-meditation) аחԁ Nonviolent Communication helps уου become one wіtһ tһаt Point witch һаѕ bееח called many things (уουr trυе self, tһе heart, God, tһе Buddha Nature, tһе Nirvana-perspective). Link tο danish Rinzai zen monastery:

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22 Responses to “The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1”

  • indoktrinesia says:

    wtf, this one is incomplete. where can i watch the complete version?

  • shzindenPL says:

    shouldn’t that be the other way? ;)

  • theOliverse1 says:

    The 2 dislikes are Giraffes in Jackal disguises.

  • natureasintended says:


  • liwymi says:

    hey, has anyone done this for you yet? if not I’ll take up the task :)

  • nomadazm says:

    We started a volunteer project to add captions to the videos. All help is very welcome. Only needs a account.

  • kvinde85251 says:

    I am hearing impaired and the closed captions aren’t accurate. Can anyone post the transcript? Thanks!

  • veganlovelyme says:

    This is so healing…thank you so much rosenberg….

  • Isaac Tanner-Dempsey says:

    uncomfortable chairs

  • EducatorHQ says:

    and you dislike this because you’re anti life? or…

  • Hidenobu Morioka says:

    Thank you so much for these valuable postings. I feel so fortunate that I can watch them. I’m in New Zealand and have been trying to spread NVC. NVC definitely help us become more compassionate to both ourselves and others, by knowing giving is the same as receiving.

  • Nullsleep says:

    That guy needs to be taken down to the Turf Hotel in Surrey BC and just gotten wildly drunk and forced into a bar room brawl where he ends ups rolling in the dirt with a bloody nose..that would do him good

  • mrrsampsonaz says:

    i would follow Marshall Rosenberg like the grateful dead..

  • youjones says:

    This is the real deal.

  • Romeu Flores says:

    que coisa horrorosa.

  • PrayForWales says:

    not the highest plane the songwriter’s art has ever traversed . . . if someone loves this very sincere man please hide his guitar.

  • PrayForWales says:

    not the highest plane the songwriter’s art has ever traversed . . . if someone loves this very sincere man please hide his guitar.

  • Carlos Camacho says:

    I thank you Marshall allowed post these videos. It´s realy making a great change on the way I communicate. Carlos Camacho from Brazil.

  • sowhatsnew205 says:

    I share the same goal of rebelling to reward, punishment, good, bad, right, and wrong, and duty and obligation. Marshall Rosenburg is on song with this philosophy and the jackal is the conscience of how we are taught to behave from our parents and teachers. The Giraffe is a great way forward but if its not a dialogue shared, then the untrained jackal may think you are slightly mad at first because of universal teachings of how to behave like the jackal.

  • MikeTysonEatsKids says:

    my big issue is i have anxiety about people. I keep thinking everyone is going to laugh at me etc.

    I fele this is what gets in my way of effectively communicating with others.

  • Winchester1973 says:

    It helps me understand myself, which in turn will help me communicate with others…

  • metaldude68 says:

    Thanks for posting this, free access to an entire workshop run by Marshall is much appreciated. I am however a bit surprised by one thing: when people in the audience ask a question he rarely let’s them finish. While he probably guesses the wide majority of his audience’s questions, he may not always have been right and I find these interruptions somehow at odd with ‘empathic’ listening.

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