Thank You!!!

A һυɡе thank уου tο аƖƖ those wһο came out аחԁ participated іח mу meditation event! It wаѕ a HUGE success!!!! :D Aחԁ thank уου tο everyone wһο participated around tһе world! LOVE & LIGHT Here іѕ tһе link tο mу 2nd event!

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18 Responses to “Thank You!!!”

  • imhidingn0w says:

    Hmph? I don’t get you guys – I dig the glasses (:

  • occupynewparadigm says:

    buy your self a pair of warby parker glasses. you would look super cute in a pair of their frames they are only 95$ and not to toot their horn but they are a b corporation which means they are actually a socially conscious company that gives back it’s actually in the corporate charter they donate a pair of glasses for every pair purchased and do a lot of other stuff check them out and for that matter the b corporation website tons of ethical businesses no need to support the bad ones anymore.

  • alexjohnson45 says:

    you are awesome!!!!!!

  • highvoltage13 says:

    Aaah that sounded amazing! I’m super close to Toronto but was out of the country during that time. If another one happens soon I’m so there! :D

  • nanomuskat says:

    please research, there are other non-destructive ways of healing your vision. roberto kaplan might be a start!

  • MrYakuxi says:

    I do recommend! :D 

  • bombshellspacefriend says:

    I have not!

  • bombshellspacefriend says:

    Bahaha!! Yeeaaaaah…I really can’t stand my glasses. Even though I’ve been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade, I have never considered myself a “glasses wearer”. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to afford lasic :P

  • finaltom5 says:

    Interesting experience! Thank you for sharing your journey. I to, just came back from a 5 day meditation and solitude trip, which was very uplifting. The ground will do the same as the trees. You have gone along way. How have your dreams been of late? They are more vivid now, yes? Start a dream journal. Now that you’ve unlocked this part, you will learn another experience. Good Journey! PEACE

  • snoutout says:

    you look so different in those glasses. not that it matters but your beauty shows way more without them. just saying. you’re great!

  • MrYakuxi says:

    Have you tried transcendental meditation?

  • Dillon Ross says:

    I’m glad it went well! I was totally feeling the energy!

  • alexon333 says:

    Didn’t know you lived in TO! Wish u lived in van that’s where I live,

  • DMTTheory says:

    That’s so awesome! I’m so happy to hear that :)

  • geostigma123 says:

    creating an event like this is such a productive way to use the internet xD truly revolutionary! And thanks for including the whole world!

  • Commodor3bob says:

    I really did feel a noticeable upliftment from my usual state of mind around the 3-4 pm window out in my garden; and I wasn’t keeping track of the time until I checked afterwards :)

  • infinite oscillations says:

    I wished you lived closer to me! :D

  • Mandy Targett says:

    It was great, did it at home bright and early here in Canada with my boyfriend!
    Sad I couldn’t meet you though in Toronto!

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