Bу way οf viewer requests; I give seven fundamental signs tһаt уου аrе effectively raising уουr vibrations, dispite οf living іח such a chaotic world. AƖѕο, I share a GREAT іԁеа сrеаtеԁ bу a fellow light worker. Aח Wiki website solely fοr astral projection! Tһе link tο tһе Astral Projection website іѕ

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  • metalking21 says:

    Why would you be under the impression that weed is an artificial high, it is a plant that grows from are earth is it not?

  • TommyD002 says:

    I agree with everything you said, the problem is that i just got to college and I play football so my schedule has drastically changed and sleep is hard to come by, I haven’t really dreamt lately due to the fact that my eating habits have changed a little and i’ve gotten less sleep. I plan on getting back on track though. What other reasons could there be for me not dreaming like i was before? also when you say push past your limits do you mean physical limits as well? such as getting stronger?

  • dominoxheartsyouxnot says:

    I sense something in your room. It’s rather strange. Do you know what it is?

  • childofconvenant says:

    u can raise ur soulish vibrations thru these means, i did them the period b4 i gave my life to Christ. I grew deeper consciously my dreams clearer with increase contact with the astral realm without projecting. In the daytime i was able to recognize pple i met in the astral realm or in my dreams but when Christ stepped in the true light i understood that all that was darkness and really wasn’t spiritual but soulish, adam lived in the astral Christ lived in the spirit. 1 Corinthians 15:45

  • childofconvenant says:

    we are all trying to impose our beliefs on other people, to not to do so would mean ur dead. i’m black african yet i tell my brothers/arabs to keep quiet when they rant on the europeans imposing their culture on the world cuz if they were in a position to do so they would.
    by merely uploading this vid this guy is subliminally imposing his views on other, and it’s a comments page so i can leave a comment concerning this vid

  • 420Rokn says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY 100% what I have been feeling lately, even based on my very basic understanding of astral projection, my initial attempts at achieving it, all combined with the things I have been learning about that arent being told to the population.

    This world is one massive jingo tower of deception. And the puzzle pieces are coming together… see Disclosure and ce-5 initiative for info on the EBE phenomena and peaceful contact with them.

  • gizatoob says:

    If thats what get’s you there fine but you shouldn’t really go around saying people can’t do these thing’s without believing in giving their live’s to christ. To me that’s a crazy way to live your life and also not a good way to astral project. your statement isn’t true basically. Gods role in our life in this world doesn’t exist,we are here to live not obey or worship, that’s what I believe and I learned it out of body all by myself, like everyone else can. Have your belief but don’t force them

  • djt241 says:

    read the word of God, give ur life to Christ and pray in the spirit u will be raised to realms of vibrations.. that no unbeliever can ever attain a million years. i am not the best Christian i can be but Buddha Mohammed Krishna and i don’t know who is their modern day representative got nothing on me. Cuz the spirit of Christ works in me.
    peace y’all

  • DyIansMusic says:

    Exactly what I’m going through. Thanks!

  • AstralBooBaby says:

    Congratulations on your first ‘conscious’ astral projection experience FAM! Now, that you’ve experienced it first hand, you can surely attest that its not just your imagination or a dream. This experience could most certainly mean that your vibratory bodies are rising but its also a sign that your mind consciousness is expanding and you are ready to push beyond your pre-scripted limits! There will be more but you will not be as frightened because you are somewhat familiar with what to expect.

  • TommyD002 says:

    Ok i had my first out of body experience the other night
    does this mean my vibration is raising?
    it really scared me
    i felt like my soul was being sucked from my body- unbelievable feeling

  • xSinValentinex says:

    Ok most of the shit you said was bull other things on point

  • drMeZ71 says:

    i cheat and smoke dimethyltriptamine.

  • SeaOfFireflies says:

    Thank you so much for being the person you are and posting this to help everyone. Everything that you have described has been happening to me. I’m feeling pretty good about the future right now. :)

  • AstralBooBaby says:

    Yes, when some of us go into the vibrational phase, we can feel or ’sense’ other things going on around us and yes, I have touched on this in previous videos but unfortunately, I can’t remember which one. You may want to go to the my main video channel and type in the ‘key’ words regarding the subject matter that you are interested in.

  • hajtko says:

    Hey ABBBBBB…you said in the video that there’s a side effect to these vibrations…does that include feeling CRAP? lmao. Just wondering if you had another video to explain it, or if you could touch on it now.


  • mhinayousrah says:

    Thank u sooo much for sharing this info. EVERYTHING you described is exactly what I’m experiencing!! I did not know specifically what the source was, but I knew that I like how much lighter & joyful I feel! I wake up peaceful, I go to bed peaceful my skin glows and my natural hair is growing like crazy! My desire & thirst for the deeper knowledge and sciences is boundless. Much Love, Respect, Appreciation

  • AstralBooBaby says:


  • AstralBooBaby says:

    Awww, that’s such a nice thing to say… Thank you :)

  • FlowsThroughMySoul says:

    You seem like the nicest person in the world lol.. like no one could ever get mad at you

  • CliveGains80s says:

    I felt so light but this enity attacked my Consciousness for being light. DAM!

  • drewbluedrew says:

    let’s smoke a blunt together my neegah. love and magical things :)
    I’m boutz to try n have an OBE now yeaaaaaaaah

  • Cruzifixer says:

    wish i saw this vid 2 years ago

  • slimsxyblkwoman says:

    I have heard some folks say that what Boo speaks of is new-age non-sense but what people don’t know is that one of the reasons humans cannot discern well and are so easily decieved is because we are not in a vibraitonal state where we can see, feel and decode clearly. I know that Boo is trying to help people raise their vibrations because he knows that this is the ONLY way to see and feel beyond the veil and illusions and see what the hell is really going on around us!

  • FlamingBrainiac says:

    You have such an outstanding way of expressing yourself – very down-to-earth, clear, genuine and a clear desire to make a difference. I couldn’t have addressed this any better! Keep up the great work of spreading this VITAL information. The truth has a certain vibration to it – and that’s what comes through very clearly.

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