STOP: A Short Mindfulness Practice

Tһіѕ іѕ a practice out οf A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook, Foreword bу Jon Kabat-Zinn, аחԁ co-authored bу Bob Stahl Ph.D. аחԁ Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. (Nеw Harbinger, 2010). Tһіѕ short mindfulness practice іѕ meant tο bе sprinkled throughout tһе day tο support уου іח becoming more present, reducing stress, аחԁ being more effective іח еνеrу day life.

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25 Responses to “STOP: A Short Mindfulness Practice”

  • zzcanasta says:

    Thanks for the tip. Any idea which one it is?

  • GeekBoy03 says:

    He put out another video which is a LOT better than this one.

  • zzcanasta says:

    Thank you for sharing this. A very useful, practical strategy for bringing oneself awake at various times during the course of the day. If at work, try to do this outside if possible – I find this helps to reinforce the sense of seeing things differently. All good wishes.

  • JW1171 says:

    <3 you saved me from suicide.. Thank you

  • joytigger says:

    enjoyed very much..calm voice..liked the falling awake practice.

  • ElishaGoldsteinPhD says:

    As a side note, I just launched The Mindful Solutions at Work IPhone App. This is an interactive app that brings you through a program complete with email reminders of your progress and for motivation. Look up the youtube video called Mindful Solutions at Work for more info. Enjoy!

  • ElishaGoldsteinPhD says:

    I love this…

  • ElishaGoldsteinPhD says:

    I have a 10 Minute Body Scan to graduate to :) I don’t think I can put the link here, but just search Elisha Goldstein Body Scan in YouTube and it should come right up. Enjoy!

  • globalman says:

    Thank you. A wonderful tool. That auto pilot a good reference. It is a trap so it’s helpful to be aware of it and break the cycle. You have a good, sincere face and calming voice. Look forward to the next.

  • ElishaGoldsteinPhD says:

    Hey everyone, I love your comments, thank you for tuning into your lives. The next step here comes out February 2012 called “The Now Effect: How this moment can change the rest of your life.” Stay tuned ~ Elisha

  • gennaiafebbraio says:

    This is wonderful, thank you.

  • halamala23 says:

    @KristyC I’m kind of curious as to what it is you have against mindfulness. Did you cause you distress in the past? Do you believe that it doesn’t work?

  • sebbellobbal says:

    It’s like a jedi talk :) :) but all the same I like it.

  • Aeythvaenn says:

    @KristyC Oh, what a coincidence, do you go about all of the mindfulness video’s on youtube and spread your ‘well argued and irrefutable’ message to save the population from its doom?

  • mrpattrike says:

    hi 5 =]

  • rongoodine says:

    Well done, thanks for sharing.

  • Stewerrvideos says:

    I was going to say something rude, but i realized that that would be just as stupid as you commenting the looks of him.
    If you dont like him, dont watch him, and he wont even change look, no matter how much you scream so why bother?
    yeah, he may be really white, but if all you can think of is looks, then please do this for me, since looks is SO important to you.
    Take a mirror, and grab some duct tape. Tape the mirror to your face, and never take it away.
    Hope you’re happy. I know i am

  • budha59 says:

    Wow! That was very relaxing! What a great way to practice mindfulness :-)

  • garman1971 says:

    Thanks this is great as I am doing the Mindfulness course and have got the hang of the other exercises except this one. I now know how to do this thanks to you. :-)

  • AumAmen1 says:

    this dude looks like a racest

  • PoetryToBurn says:

    Good job Elisha.
    I agree with Cherry a smile or a twinkle would be perfect.

  • YourAlphaStim says:

    Great, thanks

  • cherrydog9 says:

    good one, but a little smile at the end would go a long way

  • mikejrexec says:

    Very nice, thank you.

  • oli2808 says:

    Pleas make a 10 minute version because I need it.


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