Solfeggio Harmonics 528 hz Miracles + Love Frequency + Ascension Soundtrack

Visit fοr a FREE download οf meditation music bу amAya Solfeggio harmonics Infused wіtһ trance inducing music аחԁ visuals designed tο promote healing states οf consciousness. Useful fοr DNA repair, DNA activation, meditation, increasing auric field, yoga, reiki

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25 Responses to “Solfeggio Harmonics 528 hz Miracles + Love Frequency + Ascension Soundtrack”

  • pbabyjesseNY123 says:

    While i was meditating I have found my soulmate a beautiful hispanic girl with long brown flowing hair fair skin. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful!

  • SuperOnora says:

    Looking for global 108 rainbow warrior
    osifu: 时刻忆念家人亲人。 Miss you all, my families and relatives. 每逢佳节倍思亲。 People doubly think of their loves ones on every festive day. 亲人们! My loved ones! 你们天上的亲人家人千百万年来一直在忆念你。期盼你们回家回归。 Your families and loved ones in Heaven haven been thinking of you since millions of years and looking forward to your returning home and reunion. 尽管你现在或许无法感知,但这是真实不虚的。 It is true although you may unable to perceive it now. 。。。。 。。

  • DimitrisPrasakis says:

    Indeed my friend . The problem is there is no love in this corrupted world .

  • MsSodapopinski says:

    pretty much all religion, spirituality or whatever other trip you’re on boil down to one thing, LOVE and its always been the message the center of what its all about

  • SolarStormX5 says:

    This is crazy goodness!

  • mycherierose says:

    I feel the same way… The Bible says God spoke everything into creation. :-)

  • af9125nna says:

    i have to say i like solfeggio stuff the best

  • hmelonify says:

    No they aren’t.. Its very specific! its mathematical and precise .. any nice noise is nice but it wont do what is required or what it was intended for in the very first place.. THIS IS our ENERGY! i think we were sung into existence by the elohim with these miraculous sounds.

  • existence1301 says:

    Woah. This is just unbelievably sweeet.

  • Suzanne smith says:

    I got nothing out of this except annoyed at the end because it got so loud.

  • Freebirds Peace says:

    The 3 sided shape is in additional parts of your video. Please will someone tell me what that shape is? So Appreciated!

  • Freebirds Peace says:

    Amazing. After my NDE I began deep meditations for hours per day. Symbols appeared. The intro symbol on our video came to me and we made an energy field with that symbol in our back yard. People love gazing at it, standing in it. Orbs appear. Energy fields appear. What is the symbol? Blessings of Praise for your video!

  • k3t7y says:

    i love this!

  • SuperDriedFruit says:

    This freaks me out for some reason.

  • AcidSh33tz says:

    i feel all shitty inside now felt like i threw up in my heart and went 45 days without food and water and slept in a pile of burned human bodies the whole time while people walked by me they laughed at me while they ate there DQ hunger buster burgers all i wanted was just a crumb of there bread or hoping a little bit of ketchup would spill down to my face but instead they all spit loogies at me.

  • af9125nna says:

    the images that came to my mind were just beyond this world it was divine

  • af9125nna says:

    i felt love i really did 

  • stinkgrinder says:

    the groove was really enjoyable, new fav 528hz

  • kolayah3122 says:

    how can i get some?

  • Daganerabus says:

    I never used drugs. only prescibed ones, but even those are bad. I understand DMT is naturally in the body in trace amounts in the Pineal gland. I am researching more of this. Keep up the great vids, I am subbing.

  • Daganerabus says:

    Okay… I Logged in to drop ya a comment. I have listened to like close to hundred different ones, but , … this was an INCREDIBLE Art piece owf work. could actually connect with this, the sounds so intertwined, deep hallowed bass of a beat, then to an angelic pitch mixed in solitude. You did a Great Job on this, … Possibly on to something here? Fine tuning creativty, MUSIC of the FUTURE! I can see it! when there shall be PEACE! and LOL alot of DMT Concetrated societies! hehehe.

  • mirela210984 says:


  • DimitrisPrasakis says:

    Agreed .

  • Flump5000 says:

    can someone please tell me where the first clip in this video came from?

  • SuperUrbanWizard says:

    Incredible! He he!  Thankyou. :) )

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