Sleepwalk Guitar Lesson (Simple!) by Uncle Raggy

Easiest real version οf Sleepwalk EVER! Took 50 years fοr tһіѕ!!!

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25 Responses to “Sleepwalk Guitar Lesson (Simple!) by Uncle Raggy”

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thanks for watching and I really appreciate the comment. Raggy

  • darkvultures says:

    For some reason, this video transmitted me more than just some chords, thank you for this

    Regards from south america.

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thank you for watching. I truly appreciate the wonderful comment. Raggy

  • Muggwhumpp says:

    GREAT!!! Thank you for sharing this and explaining the cords etc.

  • Darby Dupree says:

    I am no enigma. I simply love your heart. ☆. ¸¸.•´¯`❤ (eric is the missing link lol)

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    No need to reply? When faced with an invitation to explore a mystery! You’ve got to be kidding me! Why are you so familiar to me? It’s lost somewhere in time. At my age it’s the mystery that calls to me – there’s no advantage to claim – no motive, no goal in sight, other than to say you have given me a quest! Who, where, when, why, what? – This is the most interesting puzzle I have been a party to in fifty years!! For an old man it is a reason to ponder. More than I can say. Thanks! Uncle Raggy

  • Darby Dupree says:

    The sound of your heart is tenderness! (no need to reply) ❤

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thank you for watching! I LOVE the comment, Me and Mr. Haney (don’t get no better than that!) Raggy

  • baliscotsurf says:

    wow u remind me of Mr Haney from Green Acres!!!! but way more talented. Your playing is a feelin thing and i am moved by it

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thank you for watching and I really appreciate the comment. Raggy

  • fascers says:

    fantastic good sir!


  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    It’s an Epiphone Sheraton. Thanks for asking and I appreciate you watching and posting a comment. Raggy

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thank You so much! I love this comment. Raggy

  • Jérémy TOUSSAINT says:

    great to have this beautiful interpretation, love sleepwalk

  • MyRandyRhoads says:

    Your guitar sounds beautifully, what is it ?

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thank you for watching! I hope it was helpful. Thank you for the wonderful comment! Raggy

  • MyRandyRhoads says:

    Great song,good lesson from france. :)

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thank you for watching! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. The fun thing about this video is that is designed to let You play the really cool stuff you want to play (like the real way) and then give you simple connective structure to glue it together. Thanks again. Raggy

  • Ted Mann says:

    GReat Presentation… love your chords!

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thank You! The casino is a FINE guitar! Thanks for the super comment! Raggy

  • leobeat66 says:

    A real useful lesson, easy to learn and inspiring to add our own improvisation lines or chords, sweet sounding guitar too!, (I´m using my casino to play this song, and do the work great too). Greetings from Argentina!.

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thanks for watching! I truly appreciate the fine comment. Raggy

  • steerpike50 says:

    i love this lesson , great stuff 50 years well spend raggy

  • Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Thanks for watching! Have a super weekend watching your team whup some butt! I appreciate the comment. Raggy

  • CMSTechTraining says:

    You don’t need to, tab is for people that don’t have your ear or natural “feel”

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