September 2012 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

Tһіѕ month, tһе forecast іѕ a video οחƖу message. More frοm Lee found аt Yου саח find tһе archived interview Lee mentions (referring tο tһе Zachary channel) аt:

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25 Responses to “September 2012 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris”

  • ShellyHazzard says:

    Please contact me if you are planning a trip to Georgian Bay area in Ontario, Canada ;) 

  • Kelly Daake says:

    ….I know this moment is a wonderful time for us all to learn and achieve what we each are here for. I also know that we each will have different teachers and lessons given to us which may differ from others, however, I surely hope it is o.k. with my sharing what has personally helped me learn and grow so much from within a short period of time.  This book is absolutely amazing…… each word speaks to the soul. Thank you for allowing me to share. :) Happy journeys to all! :-)

  • Kelly Daake says:

    Great words!  Thank you for sharing. I would like to share what has helped me steer away from my ego mind and become more conscious, aware, and excepting of every single moment, breath, word spoken, emotion being felt as well as assist with giving me that silence within to simply enjoy every moment I’ve been blessed with no matter the extent of chaos and negativity surrounding. The key to helping me achieve this is with the help of a book titled: “The Power of Now” by: Eckhart Tolle

  • Wingnut Mahoney says:

    THANKYOU..AS I AM SPREADING THE MESSAGE verbally,,,This will help too

  • Aita Vildersen says:

    Thank You! It`s so true…So TRUE !
    Greetings from Estonia!

  • tinasforce says:

    thank you, a lot of things you talk about fit well for me!

  • megomez72 says:


  • Delphiris says:

    thank you Lee. this forecast i watch a week after you broadcasted. The run awaytrain that came through my life this week makes a lot more sense to me now – having to deal with the shards left in my life.
    i liked the flow of your forecast, much more so than the readings. love Delphiris

  • Brighid Liston says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Lee.Lovely to hear all of that. Can resonate with so much of it.Namaste

  • Rahbee28 says:

    thanks Lee.Just your voice alone conveys so much. Namaste!

  • Xycopixie says:


  • speisha says:

    I love you, Lee! One day, please stop by Lady Liberty’s play ground too…

  • Cruz Angon says:

    Wow. First time watching this. Helps others but not my cup of tea. Enjoy. He has big eyes though. No homo.

  • TransparentFairy says:

    Thank you very much! <3

  • Tonantzintonali1 says:

    Thank you this was as helpful if not more helpful than your normal forcasts. I think because it flowed so freely. Thank You… You are awesome. ;)

  • Jeffrey Garrison says:


  • Bev Goodman says:

    Thank you for the confirmation. On or around the beginning of the month of July I felt there had been a block placed on determining future energy. Keeping us very much in the ‘now’ energy. I told someone close to me in all the years I have never ‘not’ been able to feel and read the energy forecast flow ahead in time. But from August it seemed to halt. Perhaps it is preventing the chaos destroying certain necessary outcomes. Kind of letting the silt settle. Or perhaps it’s a kick start… :)

  • Kristy Morton says:

    Thank you! It really resonated with me and the “fear and love” is exactly what I’ve been dealing with.

  • Pam Ziskie says:

    thank you! right on. <3

  • Dean Harliwich says:

    Also, this is the first of your readings I’ve viewed, but I actually enjoyed the delivery style. Very comfortable, informal, energizing and articulate. Now a subscriber! :)

  • Dean Harliwich says:

    Superb, and very very apt. This resonates strongly with my current experience, thank you for the advice and affirmation!!

  • Helenosunshine says:

    you r truely a blessing Lee…it turns out that because u didn’t write the Sept. forcast, I wound up watching your video…what a wonderful calming effect to hear you speak, see your eyes, connect with u though the technical ethers. Thank you. Thank you for being & sharing. All is one. All is good.

  • Awakened EarthAngel says:

    awesome video & very helpful =)

  • cosmicnick12 says:

    Thanks Lee – Amazing insights as always and so very helpful – such a relief to get confirmations during the challenging times… thank you and great blessings to one and all :-)

  • TempleGreen says:

    Fantastic, thank you :-)

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