Secret Garden – Poéme

White Stones CD – a bеаυtіfυƖ, emotive piece οf music, іt lifts tһе heart аחԁ soul.

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25 Responses to “Secret Garden – Poéme”

  • JohnnyVa7 says:

    This is a song indeed, that doesn’t talk to your mind, it talks to your soul. That’s why you can’t do any “bad things” after, or while, listening to it, but you imagine of a paradise instead. Now tell me… isn’t this the best type of song that everybody should listen to? Too bad only a few people can see this nowadays and that explains why the world is so dirty judging from the majority… :(

  • RitzHouseD says:

    meravigliosamente bello!!!!!!!

  • Ioana Bobocea says:


  • TranceEternality says:

    i agreed with UpliftingMelodies and Cliffraves. Cymatics trance remix of this tune are incredibly AMAZING.

  • Erzsébet Nagy says:


  • MsEllanvannin says:

    and mine too!

  • UpliftingMelodies says:

    CYMATICS REMIX VERSION made me FLY ;D simply amazing this melody is

  • Cliff Tate says:

    I like the crymatics trance remix of this tune awesome!

  • Adenauer O says:

    What beautiful song! It’s like a flame of love into my soul.

  • Lizrozemarijntje says:

    This day started a bit sad because I have a fever and did nothing but sleeping untill twelve o’clock. Then I got downstairs, turned on my computer and started playing this beautiful song and other genious music of secret garden. It made my day! I feel a lot better now, thank you so much!

  • MrLoveforthemusic says:

    :( sorrow

  • veimar15 says:

    Secret Garden is the best music in the world! So inspiring and positive! Their music takes me closer to God.

  • mamoomia says:


  • mamoomia says:


  • lalagirl211 says:

    very calming music!!! :)

  • shujingrace says:

    love it! a lot…. it give peace within you….

  • anowiskiXD says:

    One person is so dumb that think the red hand is SO Great that is almost exploding

  • rosten736 says:

    Yes it is a nice piece (a song is music that has voices)

  • KrazyKakashiReborn says:

    I need a separate mp3 player filled to the brim with songs like these and stick it on to relax myself whenever I need to, like a daily routine or something.
    Such beautiful music I definitely know one of things I have been missing from my life now.

  • angelamI2day says:

    I feel as if I am dancing the waltz in a beautifully candlelit ballroom. Twirling and twirling until I fall into my lover’s embrace. No words need to be spoken between us as the music conveys the heart. Pure poetry is the music.

  • OM KARUNA says:


  • Donnie MTPILOT says:

    Love the white stones cd..simply the BEST

  • Donnie MTPILOT says:

    Love the white stones cd

  • MaryEllen Kanipe says:

    @bonniew1155…you can get all their cds thru amazon. there are quite a few but all are excellent. I have all their cds…love their music. ♥ This is the White Stones cd. One of my fav.

  • MaryEllen Kanipe says:

    @bonniew1155…you can get all their cds thru amazon. there are quite a few but all are excellent. I have all their cds…love their music. ♥

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