Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness.mp4

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25 Responses to “Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness.mp4”

  • airmike77 says:

    esti BESTIAL!!! i’m form Romania, and just wanted to tell u that i simply LOVE you’re video :D

  • justdropem says:

    try acid with your closest mates.. mayb even family members it will all unfold my friend

  • IamTheMaestroh says:

    I went through that phase, I felt like I was missing the boat. Now I understand I’ve been on it my entire life, without even knowing.

  • IamTheMaestroh says:

    And the lion will lie down with the lamb…

  • friendlyfriend85 says:

    Humanity needs to consciously evolve if we are to create a peaceful world. For this to happen, we need to become aware of the Truth. Search Truth Contest in google and click on the top result. Then check out “The Present” on the homepage. 

  • Frankyfrank873521 says:

    I have always known of higher conciousness, even as a child. I wasn’t ready and i knew whatever or whoever wanted me to know what it is to be ascended then it would happen at the right time.

  • xxMafia101 says:

    Please don’t bring religion into these wonderful truths…

  • 1013543 says:

    You are mixing up two different movies (Silence of the Lamb and Instinct) that Anthony Hopkins acted in.

  • montana187xxx says:

    Yep, this is exactly how cropcircles are being formed ;) without a doubt…….

  • mrtheorogelio says:

    There’s a Bible passage that says that we all move AND have our being IN GOD.

  • youlittlerocket says:

    absolutely agree with you 100%

  • youlittlerocket says:

    I read in a book somewhere that the first word God Created was the word Ohm/Om ? a very powerful vibration of sound :)
    i use it often in meditating 

  • kaine eager says:

    the world will become a different place…it will take a long time but it will happen for better. love isnt week as people think it is actually stonger cause it is harder to love than it is to hate and envy

  • LightTheWay2012 says:

    I think if you want people to take what is being stated in the video seriously, and I think it should be taken seriously, then lose the foul language it, the use of it displays a lack of maturity and academia.

  • LightTheWay2012 says:

    Watchig this video ans seeing first hand how sound(frequency) can manipulate matter, I think it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to say that the crop circles were possibly
    made and are being made using sound, and the speed at which some of them appear seems to support that hypothesis.

  • Pahjx says:

    Why are we shown Hannibal Lector at the end and of the video?

  • Adeller1231 says:

    How does the discovery of the god particle affect videos like this? Im not a skeptic or anything but around the 1 minute mark, the professor and/or scientist says that matter does not exist. But the god particle disproves that. Can anyone help me gain some insight on this???

  • komOPman88 says:

    it wasnt meaning ina negative way..btw …you can look at haarp in alaska harcona nd see info on heir owns site
    gr dennis

  • komOPman88 says:

    haarp is the source simply a giant electro magnetic energy wave producing system that can produce a huge piece of energy based on tesla design 100 year ago . we are all energy in the end
    and can be be transformed in all kinds of different things and ways
    .its multifunctional and haarp isnt always the responsible cause for all the things that are happening their are 2 stationed in alaska , russia , china , and has also their systems

  • BluPyramidNetwork says:

    Who is the speaker at 18:55?

  • TheBluewhale88 says:

    What is the movie at the start please x

  • wildekatt says:

    I had the same thought , iwas thinking that HAARP is about frequency that alters the ionosphere and that it also reflected back to earth mmm crop circles do have sacred geometric patterns

  • gashanka says:

    did he say explosions?!?! im watching!

  • rossman123ful says:

    Fuck out da Wheyyy!!

  • Sm0k3NMirr0rs says:


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