Sacred earth – Jai ma

Sοmе lovely yoga, meditation, relax οr whatever уου name іt, music. Hope уου Ɩіkе іt.

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25 Responses to “Sacred earth – Jai ma”

  • stephtravelwriter says:

    For peace, relaxation and quieting the mind. Thank you xo

  • harishkThakur says:

    nice eulogy

  • lucecosmica says:

    Namasté _/_

  • AADATIBwebseries says:

    wow amazing song!

  • jeroensoors says:

    Love is coming when i hear this! Thanks!

  • laughlight1 says:

    I feel more sacred for having heard you ~ blessings & thanks to you. Namaste’

  • scorpiosecret1985 says:

    ez a dal felébreszti a Női Szakrális Őserőt… azt a született Női energiát, amivel képesek vagyunk csatlakozni Föld Anyánkhoz. nehéz erről beszélni, ezt ki kell próbálni….
    ” Föld-tánc”

  • scorpiosecret1985 says:

    “Dicséret az Föld Anyáknak, Isteni Anyánknak aki óv, védelmez minket, gondoskodik rólunk…”

  • musicrulzdaworld says:

    What blessed sounds your music carries, I feel refreshed, centred & at peace whenever I have your music playing on my stereo. Thank you for returning back to the source of all inspiration – spiritual awakening, one love, one earth-one planet, many people. Namaste :D

  • cabri67 says:

    Thank You for your music !!

  • insectlogic says:

    this boooooooooooooooooooring
    if i heard it in my sleep i would sleep deeper deeper inception !!

  • Orchydee64 says:

    wonderful music and video !
    thank you dear

  • shimasharma1 says:

    good one

  • bgupta2001 says:

    requests, to request ——–every one was not born with the god grace and nature’s grace of good qualities and the good fate to have good inteligence ,good qualities ,good wisdom ,and circuimstances not to commit ever any mistakes or sins .

  • bgupta2001 says:

    request and pray —every human every soul either good or bad ,angle or evil ,sinner,demon , god or devil every one want to live as a good humanbeing –please save

    request—-instead of killing ,spoiling lives,destroying ,sending under earth ,hells ,if some place is given far away from india .and some thing are done for better to improve the qualities of humans and souls .so that every one can live .

  • InDaClubGo says:


  • pathways2pce says:

    om bagavate om jai ma

  • anandamitchi says:

    Makes me want to cry!

  • anandamitchi says:

    Makes me want to cry

  • remylp87 says:

    amazing….greetings from Croatia.

  • 11Tigeress11 says:

    Jai Devi.. Praise To The Goddess Jai Ma… Beautiful…..

  • 7496876 says:

    Something about Jai Ma…….

  • Seiosh says:

    Divine! warms the soul.

  • anandamitchi says:


  • LumiraRa says:

    Wunderschön! Danke!

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