Robert Austin Crystal Bowl Sound Healer

Robert Austin Crystal Bowl Sound Healer Master Reiki Teacher, Giving Crystal Bowl & Tibetan Bowl Concert.

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25 Responses to “Robert Austin Crystal Bowl Sound Healer”

  • GP2007 says:

    In my opinion he is the best there is.

  • Daniela Zoli says:

    Sensacional!!! That’s how we find peace!

  • kittyrabbits says:

    Excellent teacher! I received powerful healing through him. He is humble, sincere and guided by spirit.

  • tolstunka says:

    Good stuff! Better yet–go to a live crystal bowl event, or even buy some bowls & play them yourself… simply awesome!

  • BozourMinou says:

    It sounds like a C to me

  • tolvfen says:

    There is a guy who visits White Eagle Loghe with Healing Bowls and talk aboute it, who sell CDs with Healing Bowls, just in White Eagle Loghe, witch is easy to find around the world and in google

  • bronzevillenews says:

    4ths. G note on the bottom and C on the Top. He’s singing the top C note as well.

  • souledfears says:

    what frequency/note is produced at 1:53? cause it touches me in a weird spot… ?!?

  • ambienmydog says:

    I want to purchase this cd so bad. Please tell me how.

  • ambienmydog says:

    How can I purchase your cd?

  • LemonOdette says:

    i love crystal bowls

  • Bill Whitley says:

    have you played the Hapi drum

  • fjmaverick says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a new mallet for my quartz bowl? Mine is all worn and deteriorated from moving.

  • Suzanne4149 says:

    Robert…This IS YOU! I am prejudice I LOVE your concerts and I feel your are THE BEST! You are BLESSED! This is a very small sample of your concerts and ALL SHOULD EXPERIENCE YOU! Love always Suzanne B.

  • Neil Friedman says:

    Robert captures the true elegance of pure sound.

  • peter K says:

    what is the name of that sort of tshirt.

  • Wendy Kahles says:

    thank you so much.

  • leonelotroleon says:

    Los cuentos son excelentes, pero su voz es una mala imitacion de los graves de los monjes tibetanos… le falta al don con sus cantos…

  • sadonano1 says:

    nice undertoning. excellent sound



  • Jonathan Wright says:

    I think reiki is really amazing and is helping to transform the human consciousness! We are part of such a profound community!

    I am making a transformational new video series on WATER, people’s experiences, and how to make healthy drinking water! I am thankful to be part of this community and with any luck everyone will transform into a WATER GURU!


  • Jonathan Wright says:

    Reiki is really amazing and is helping to transform the human consciousness! We are an amazing community!

    I just released the intro to my transformational new video series on WATER!

    I want you to share your experiences so subscribe to my new channel, Water Vibes, and be part of the community that will transform everyone into a WATER GURU!

  • Tobias Kaye says:

    Hey Robert, nice sounds. seen my Sounding Bowls?

  • Maralejandrina says:

    Excelente combinación de sonido con el canto tibetano

  • highpriestess2u says:

    You are gifted, Thank you for sharing! This is exactly what was needed for today and as I will be bookmarking this video to enjoy each and every day!

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