Qigong Beginning Exercises : Qigong Exercises: Gathering Heaven Chi

Breathing naturally аחԁ reaching toward tһе heavens, learn һοw tο gather chi іח Qigong wіtһ tһіѕ free exercise video frοm a Qigong instructor. Expert: Tony Nguyen Bio: Tony Nguyen һаѕ over twenty years experience. Currently, һе teaches Qigong аt аח academy іח Las Vegas. Filmmaker: Travis Waack

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25 Responses to “Qigong Beginning Exercises : Qigong Exercises: Gathering Heaven Chi”

  • mepeone23 says:

    I didn’t really believe this sort of thing could work but I actually do feel good after

  • digit510 says:

    nice. thank you. you r doing a good work.

  • baretings1 says:


    I thought it was something anyone could feel.
    When i put my hands close together I can make really strong energy balls now. But i’m not sure if the magnetic feeling is caused from some placebo effect or something.

    can you do chi and what can you do with yours?

  • ShaolinRambo says:

    it is chi:)

  • ShaolinRambo says:

    This video is amazing, I use this movement for like 30 minutes a day. Its very powerful, qi builds up and my body starts sweating. After I’m done I lay down and i can feel the qi remove lots of blockages within the body and the muscles twitch until the blockages are removed. Very powerful healing. I thank my friend for showing me this video. Energy centers in the body start awakening too. Qi mastery is the gateway to higher dimensions of existence.At first I doubted in this video, not anymore:)

  • dusanbordjoski says:

    This is wonderful! THANKS A LOT FOR THE EXPLANATION OF THE EXERCISE! There’s a lot more sense now to all those movements… THANKS A LOT!

  • iggymydog says:

    right on! never stop figiting the idiots on here fight for open minds!

  • iggymydog says:

    gather the energy from the earth

  • WASR36 says:

    What does he mean by gather chi from earth?

  • chazrob1983 says:

    Hi Tony, what is the nature of the qi that you receive? Is it different for heaven qi and earth qi? This is hard to explain. When I gather heaven qi I ask for primordial/pure qi but when I gather earth qi I’m sometimes unsure. Sometimes I seek positive qi or revitalizing qi. What is the different nature of heaven vs earth qi?

  • cotyholden says:

    Yea it is

  • ViralVideosRivera says:

    I feel hi

  • MrTmarron says:

    I want to watch all your videos

  • NoVaballer28 says:


  • baretings1 says:

    About 2 days ago i began to feel a magnetic field between my two hands when i relaxed and focussed, feels like an energy ball, sometimes i can feel a little bit of warmth.

    Anyone know if that is chi?

  • baretings1 says:

    I find it funny when people are so objective to differences in culture.
    And when people say things about chi being “ridiculous” just shows how closed minded they are.

    People seem to think that what you learn in school is the only answer, and that anything else is wrong. When the fact is, humans as a whole dont even know what energy is, we have been trying to figure it out since the dawn of man.

    Scientists cannot explain how the Egyptian pyramids were built either, i guess thats bullshit too?

  • BairbreSine says:

    where’s the video of him doing this?

  • Juryes112 says:

    chi, it’s intresting… Do know that national geographic followed some kung fu warriors, this chi.. to make a body part like steel, they were able to see the body part became hot! by …uh an heat x ray.. i believe it has to do with quantum mechanics… as you lower your arms you lower billions of particles…. becoming compact, taking the engergy then back , inhaling.. whatever it is… yep soon we will be able to cure any deciese bu Q.M. even teleporting… no SCI FI

  • kourkoumpinakis says:

    This guy seems reasonable…not the jujitsu-kungfu-mambo-jumbo super-dooper energy super fighters out here trying to prove to be somebody with super powers…What he said “Don’t try to create energy or search for that energy” shows that this guy is a serious instructor and he’s about well-being not creating “superhuman” martial arts fighters! Pretty cool!

  • NataliyaPeck says:

    I love this little exercise. So simple but made me feel incredibly peaceful. Thank you.

  • endurablelive says:

    You make excellent vids thank you so much!

  • Shift4chizzle says:

    is there something else or is this it?

  • sacreed1 says:

    wikipedia my friend, wikipedia.

  • oahspe101 says:

    i have a friend who can levitate and he does a similar pattern as this guy
    my friend will take a deep breath threw his nose will lefting his armies slowly and when his arms pass above his shoulder he begins to come off the ground about 9 inches…
    and he did it another way were he had his armis along side his body and bent them at the elbows while taking a deep breath and pushed down, as he pushed down he rise up off the ground about 7 inches
    i seen this done close up

  • PsiKidPower says:

    what exercise do you do to do this?

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