Paramhansa Yogananda “The Eyes of a Master” Tһіѕ slide ѕһοw οf Paramhansa Yogananda іѕ accompanied bу tһе songs “Mukunda” аחԁ “Life іѕ a Dream,” both composed bу Swami Kriyananda. Otһеr recordings bу Ananda’s musicians аrе available frοm Crystal Clarity Publishers.

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24 Responses to “Paramhansa Yogananda “The Eyes of a Master””

  • nusia1976 says:

    Aprendi a te admirar através da minha irmã que hoje está junto a ti…
    Obrigada Yogananda pelo q fez e faz em minha vida!

  • suman chakraverty says:

    i will tell u truth about mahaavtar baba. mahaavtar baba was fraud. mahaavtar was not god he knew black magic he was a very poor person who learned black magic to hypnotise people. mahaavtar killed many persons by his black magic. he hypnotised people .he wanted to rule world by black magic

  • Singittoallmyears says:

    Yes, he often wore crosses, and one of his chief missions was to demonstrate the underlying unity of all true religions–especially Hinduism and Christianity. 

  • Singittoallmyears says:

    He had gained that weight from years of dutifully enjoying countless dishes served at banquets regularly held in his honor–especially in India. A man of complete self-control and inner renunciation, he yet was so considerate of others that he put politeness above any personal concerns or self-consciousness in this area. Unfortunately, the results did not go over well in American eyes: he explained that “In India (nowhere else, alas!) a well-padded swami is considered a delightful sight.”

  • Singittoallmyears says:

    Actually, fairly late in his life, having borne one too many negative comments about his weight, he willed it to all disappear in one meditation session! Afterwards, everyone was astonished to note his complete transformation. Indeed, he remained very thin for the rest of his life, as the photos from his latter years attest. A fully enlightened soul never leaves this earth for any reason beyond his control. Rather, he does so by his own will when he knows his role there has been completed.

  • Singittoallmyears says:

    Actually, after having heard one too many negative comments from non-understanding others about his weight, he willed himself to lose it all in one meditation session. Indeed, he remained very thin for the rest of his life, as the photos from that latter period attest. He explained that he had gotten heavy from years of enjoying all the dishes that were so regularly presented to him at honorary banquets. To refuse them, especially in India, would have been considered hugely impolite.

  • Singittoallmyears says:

    He often wore crosses, as one of his main aims was to teach the essential unity of all true religions, particularly Hinduism and Christianity.

  • Luciana Surerus says:

    Olhos doces que me encantam e acalmam. “a porta do meu coração tenho aberta para ti.”

  • Irene Cardillo says:

    Jai Yogananda! Love!

  • Raj Mitra says:

    love uu :) master!! all love……m not that bad anymore i guess

  • Raj Mitra says:


  • naztubez says:

    He saw all religions as having something good to offer mankind

  • naztubez says:

    Read ‘Man’s Eternal Quest’, it’s the only book you will need

  • MyQuestioning says:

    the music in this sounds very irish,the second one reminds me of molly mallone.great man,very inspiring

  • itisitsits says:

    How beautiful!  Thank you!

  • AnandaWorldwide says:

    “Life is a Dream” by Swami Kriyananda.

  • Virendar Sehwag says:

    Paramahansa means in spiritual essence the one who has attained the highest state

  • Jose Pena says:

    It is a very inspiring piece. Since the start sounds very nice, however in minute 3:20 its wonderful and breath taking! i feel im in heaven.i would like to know the name of the author and the name of the piece. thanks for sharing!

  • jathavedankm says:


  • Diego Torres says:

    Su mirada me da mucha calma.

  • Samuel Oñate says:

    I’ve been meaning to study him more. He has a couple of Self Realization Fellowships here in Los Angeles area. I’ve been getting such a great a peaceful and living organic spirit from the masters from India.

  • taranur1 says:

    Mi querido Maestro,mi bien amado .Tus ojos son como oceanos de OM.Jai Guru!

  • Var Dor says:

    follow Brian’s SHOE!

  • Var Dor says:


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