Papaji – Show me God

A bеаυtіfυƖ awakening іח Papaji’s presence.

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24 Responses to “Papaji – Show me God”

  • Sture Åkersork says:

    Because I don´t make myself believe in something subjectiv. Make no mistake, human mind can make people believe in anything. What the Buddha was speaking about was the opposite; not to believe in anything, not even in the Buddha. He just wanted to show a way to find out the truth. So far I haven´t been dissapointed.

  • Alexandru Stoian says:

    Good question! Why don’t you see? Keep asking you that, you will see!

  • Sture Åkersork says:

    A child could believe in Santa Claus so why shouldn´t it believe in God. Don´t doubt = just believe. That´s what any religious fanatics do. He = a man that´s everywhere …que?
    Why can´t I see any serious spirituality in this…? I wonder why?

  • NarrowPathVideo says:

    Three fish were swimming in the ocean. A turtle swam by and asked, “Fine water today, isn’t it boys?”
    The fish asked each other, “What is water?” They’d never heard of water.
    They swam all over the ocean and searched to the depths looking for water, and they couldn’t find it.
    The water was that in which they lived, and moved, and had their being.

    This is the search for God.

    And for myself, the laughter at the end of this video was the best part because I’ve experienced it myself.

  • edlee1969 says:


  • Simon0 says:

    you can hear in his voice at 7:09 how relieved he is.

  • dazzavink says:

    dude… how old r u? im guessing below 20. loose the “dude”, “lol” and “lmao” in ur posts to give yourself some more cred… some would rather side with those on “cloud cookoo land” than “dudes” like you…

  • Simon0 says:

    the checkered shirt is a big obstacle to awakening.

  • Simon0 says:

    good. I like people who use a bit of reasoning. I think you are probably right. But i happen to also be a ‘believer’. but it is nothing to do with knowing it is just a belief.

  • shambo8 says:

    papaji was incredibley generous with his time and spent endless hours giving lectures for free and never charged so you should really find out what the hell you are talking about before you go opening your idiotic mouth and sounding like an ass and a moron. you are only not wanting to hear the truth and are being non open and your heart is closed. that is the only one here that has the problem is you and you are stuck in your ego big time.

  • shambo8 says:

    You are extremely angry and aggressive and have not a single minute idea of what you are talking about. if you actually took the time to find out what this teaching was about and educate yourself you would find that this guru and his teachings are exactly the opposite of what you are talking about and totally opposite from religion. this teaching is only about love and compassion and finding happiness and peace and bliss by finding out who you really are, who is that eternal part of yourself.

  • Nirmal Gerow says:

    So simple that you can miss it.

  • TheRainbowgary says:


  • Walley666 says:

    God… this planet needs to be nuked. Lol.

  • Matthew Brennan says:

    No belief in anything whatsoever is mandated for this. They don’t speak of god in really the same context as modern day religion but, you don’t have to believe that either. Forget belief and go on your own experience and what you learn day to day. Let other people do the same rather than insinuating that even who isn’t sharing your exact experience must be in some sense fooling themselves. That’s not how the world works. Experience differs. Everything is an illusion to someone.

  • Matthew Brennan says:

    There’s so much more to life than that. There’s so much more than thinking that everyone is trying to fool you as well and willingly misconstruing what’s being said. Man, that’s a belief system in itself. Wake up(!!), not necessarily even to agree with anything I’m saying or anything anyone is saying but, to know that it’s senseless (inhumane, even) to be condescending and rude because you disagree. Nothing is “clever” about lacking compassion. Don’t want to believe anything? Don’t.

  • Matthew Brennan says:

    That’s so convoluted. You’re needlessly pushing your opinions on others. The man in this video is talking about experience and you’re trying to verbally assault it like it’s a belief. If you don’t understand something and/or it doesn’t appeal to you, you Can move on. You don’t have to insult everyone and call them “fooled” and say they’re wasting their money when very few were even paying anything. You seem to view things within a framework that everyone is just trying to escape a 9 to 5…

  • forevershimmering says:

    I love the pure simplicity of Papajis message.
    What a true jewel …
    …..a living shining buddha of joyfulness!
    We are so blessed to have these eternal teachings!

  • toolcollective says:

    a film I feel is very powerful, and insightful is Kymatica. Youtube it :D

  • toolcollective says:


  • SdaCosta22 says:


  • JunglistBass says:

    that was freaking amazing im crying with laughter hahahhahaha

  • mihoton says:

    so simple

  • snaz27 says:

    @snaz27 Oops sorry, using my phone and posted by mistake… As I was saying… I dont want to be a guru, lol… I dont care if people come to see me… I do know one thing though , all this stuff is hogwash nonsense peddled to the weak minded… Its a bit like religion in that regard.

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