Meditation for Beginners -Sitting on a Chair Sitting οח a chair fοr meditation іѕ a very ɡοοԁ way tο meditate. It іѕ חοt חесеѕѕаrу tο sit іח uncomfortable positions tһаt аrе unnatural fοr уου tο bе іח. Sitting іח a сοοƖ looking pose οח a hard surface wіƖƖ mаkе learning tο meditate impossible fοr mοѕt anyone. Through meditation аחԁ hatha yoga practice

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18 Responses to “Meditation for Beginners -Sitting on a Chair”

  • MsNessalopez says:

    This was a great video. If anyone is interested, I am looking for friends to help test a new set of meditation exercises online. Please message me if you’d be willing to help out and I will send you the private link. Thanks!

  • LS1Heli says:

    you meditated for 8 hours? I’m still working on 8 mins. dude.

  • joyiswithinyoudotcom says:

    It is not uncommon. It’s a phase. I don’t know what causes it but it will pass. People go through all kinds of stuff that is sort of strange and it usually passes in time. Yawning, eyes watering, hiccups, saliva, muscle twitching etc! I would try to accept it and just not let it bug you. I used to drool a lot and would go beyond it and come out with a soaked shirt totally surprised. Don’t let it stop you from doing your best.

  • joyiswithinyoudotcom says:

    It’s nice to hear that you have the same experience. I like sitting on a bench but I can go just as deep in a chair or on a cushion. The position I choose to sit in has more to do with what my body is needing and how long I plan to meditate. I just did an eight hour meditation (it’s an annual Christmas tradition where I live) and I spent about half of it on a meditation bench and the other time in a chair and cross legged.

  • slugfestdude says:

    is it normal that I constantly swallow saliva while meditation? that’s very disturbing and it keeps me away from reaching the awareness.any suggestions?

  • melvinbrand says:

    I’m a long-term Za Zen meditation, and chair meditation is totally equal to other forms. I’m able to do all kinds of kneeling and half-lotus. But chair form is completely equal to all forms. I often choose it, even when other forms are possible. You are helping lots of people.

  • sullivankandy says:

    It is Im going to purchase the meditation bench on your website when my next paycheck comes in. so far its been 30 days of trying meditation and things are dramatically better. please feel free to post more instructional vids

  • joyiswithinyoudotcom says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad it was helpful!

  • sullivankandy says:

    Thank you this video really helped me… two thumbs up

  • Przyspiew says:


  • g17y5wb says:

    DO THIS: put your pointer finger in your friend’s butthole. Way in. I mean all the way in so the knuckles on your hand are pushing up against their butt. Feel how warm and moist it is in there. Sometimes you can feel half-digested lettuce or corn in there, and you may get poop under your fingernails. Then take out your finger and smell it.

    It stinks!

    Then let your friend smell what your finger smells like, so they know what their butthole smells like, too.

    It’s fun!


  • multirajeshh says:

    hey thanks that actually works

  • joyiswithinyoudotcom says:

    Yes. Meditation while lying down is possible, but only recommended for people who have no other choice. Sitting for meditation is much easier once you learn how, because your body and mind have learned that when you lie down it’s time for sleep. Meditation is not a subconscious or dreamy process. True meditation is a higher state of awareness, something much more expansive and uplifting than sleep can ever be. I hope this helps. Learn to sit for meditation if at all possible for you.

  • boltorn says:

    Is it “possible” to meditate in a lying posision?

  • guru108py says:

    Great video. My knees are getting sore meditating on the floor at 56 years old.

  • joyiswithinyoudotcom says:

    I’m glad you found something that helps.
    you are very welcome!

  • rickboy89 says:

    wow that just helped with my back pain siting in my chair for long hours all the time. .. well thanks i

  • soniajohnstone says:

    Hey thanks for your guidance & for sharing your gifts with us Arohamai SoniaJ

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