Mahabharat (English Subtitles) Episode – 82

Mahabharat – English Subtitles – іѕ tһе longest epic poems іח tһе world аחԁ BR Chopra’s Mahabharat іѕ one οf India’s mοѕt successful TV series іח history аחԁ һаѕ bееח repeatedly telecast οח TV networks worldwide tο phenomenal response. BR Chopra’s Mahabharat boasted a talented set οf starcast including Mukesh Khanna, Nitish Bharadwaj, Roopa Ganguly, Puneet Issar, Gufi Paintal, Gufi Paintal, Pankaj Dheer, Dara Singh & many more. Here аrе tһе classic series.Click tο watch more TV shows.

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22 Responses to “Mahabharat (English Subtitles) Episode – 82”

  • coolnaveen Morisetti says:

    Hero of Mhabharat…Abhimanyu…

  • Aryan Garg says:

    i felt sad at last :(

  • bindiyay says:

    Maybe I missed something, but /why/ did they need to enter the trap in the first place? Was it the elders at the centre, and they tempted the Pandavas in?

  • bindiyay says:

    Perhaps that is one way to look at it. There is also the angle that Krishna did warn Arjun not to be bound to his ego, and to look to the protection of society instead of adherence to the ‘Warrior’s Code’, but Arjun ignored this important advice – the price of this is that he lost a very, very brave, son, very very cruelly, far, far too early – something with which he must live.
    I’d also have gone to Bhishmapitah to ask him how to break the trap!

  • Karthik Skandakumar says:

    If you notice carefully, there are many instances where more than 1 person engages in battle with one person.

  • maharaj731 says:

    One on one, he took each of them down. So as “big n bad” as they were, they decided to act like cowards and kill him together. If someone who was as righteous as Drona participated in this, what do they leave for Duryodhan to do. Cowardice is not a characteristic, its a disease.

  • ahana11 says:

    They broke the rules of Dharmayuddha, which states that multiple warriors should not attack a single warrior. COWARDS.

  • nsundu123 says:

    moreover if Arjun Had Entered Chkravyuh Karan Would Have used his Astra But Really Brave Warrior Abhimanyu If he had Support he would Have Lived & the Day Would have Ended at least I mean Sunset

  • nsundu123 says:

    me too

  • jjsadhana1984 says:

    who says that all the demerits, adharma is happening in this iron age.. it started long back… and we can see that in mahabharat in the battlefeild… where inspite of the vow to fight with the rules and dicipline, people kept on doing misdeeds, sins etc…

  • Amandeep Singh Rai says:

    omg i literaly cried when they kill abhimanu

  • Mariel Neal says:

    OMG! This was so messed up, cowards!

  • singhajs says:

    search for “Om Namah Shivaya Part 11 ” ,unfortunately no ENG subs!!!!!!! Mahabharat is about humans,that is all about Gods!!

  • kogaKageOokami says:

    i appreciate your response, i realize he was one who wrote the story down, but i swore in an episode i was watching on youtube that i saw a picture in the related videos that looked like it had Ganesha in an episode but i must have been mistaken cuz i havent seen it again, im going to check out the show you told me about but is there a version with english translation?

  • singhajs says:

     hahaha… u have to search for SHIV MAHAPURAN

  • siriusthegrim says:

    Actually, Arjun was not fighting Susharma alone; he was fighting with an entire Akshouhini of warriors called the Samshaptakas who had sworn an oath that they would not return from the battle field until they killed Arjun or died in battle. So, he was pretty busy, fighting an entire Akshouhini. In case you are wondering about what an Akshouhini is, it is 21870 chariot warriors, 21870 elephants, 65610 cavalry (horseback warriors) and 109350 infantry (foot warriors)..

  • uthai464 says:

    Politics of Mahabharat will keep on long?

  • narendragpt says:

    u fool!!!

  • kogaKageOokami says:

    which episodes have Ganesha in them

  • Nishita Muchhala says:

    Watched this episode about a hundred times and everytime I’m always hoping that somehow Arjun gets back in time to save his son.

    Never happens. DAMN IT.

  • ronofoxin90 says:

    i gri..da actor playin abhimanyu luks 2 old..!!! n i vn fil dat abhimanyu was sum1 2 b scred of…..

  • Shazzie2223 says:

    Abhimanyu didn’t want history to call those 7 warriors “cowards”. Too late. In my books, they define cowardice.

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