Mahabharat (English Subtitles) Episode – 75

Mahabharat – English Subtitles – іѕ tһе longest epic poems іח tһе world аחԁ BR Chopra’s Mahabharat іѕ one οf India’s mοѕt successful TV series іח history аחԁ һаѕ bееח repeatedly telecast οח TV networks worldwide tο phenomenal response. BR Chopra’s Mahabharat boasted a talented set οf starcast including Mukesh Khanna, Nitish Bharadwaj, Roopa Ganguly, Puneet Issar, Gufi Paintal, Gufi Paintal, Pankaj Dheer, Dara Singh & many more. Here аrе tһе classic series.Click tο watch more TV shows.

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24 Responses to “Mahabharat (English Subtitles) Episode – 75”

  • Govinda Das says:

    Sita Ram:
    “Then, Lord Krsna blew His conchshell, called Pancajanya; Arjuna blew his, the Devadatta; and Bhima, the voracious eater and performer of Herculean tasks, blew his terrific conchshell called Paundram……..The blowing of these different conchshells became uproarious, and thus, vibrating both in the sky and on the earth, it shattered the hearts of the sons of Dhrtarastra.”
    Where there is Truth there is Krsna and were there is Krsna there is Truth.
    Hare Krishna

  • hinafarmer says:

    No, Yuyutsu did not die. I think he was the only Kaurav left and was given the rule of Hastinapur while the Pandavs ruled Indraprastha. You can check wikipedia about this.

  • prashantbm1 says:

    Thanks for B. R. Chopra

  • dashnr says:

    Bheeshma sends shivers down your spine . Such great philosophy !

  • riobunga says:

    i believe Yuyutsu was death on that holy war, but I wonder who kill him? till the end in this story I can’t find out. can anybody tell me who did kill him?

  • somvile says:

    the dialogue and philosophy contained are enlightening, but the fighting is terrible!

  • uthai464 says:

    Truth vs. untruth; religion vs. evil?

  • Pyrateentertainment says:

    @thehope1999: If you read the poem it will tell you that this war takes place during the age of Kali, Brought in by Krishna Blowing the Conch that was gifted to him. Kali Born in the form of Duryodhan: Who better to bring in the age of Kali than Kali herself? Age of Kali no longer has the former respects that the world once held.

  • thehope1999 says:

    When the rules of war were discussedin Pitama’s tent, didn’t he state that fights would be one to one and that foot soldiers would fight against foot soldiers and warriors on chariots would fight each other? Then how come I see warriors on chariots launching sets of arrows on foot solders?

  • balieshwar999999999 says:

    it wont be long before some one makes one with newer teqnology

  • truthseeker4720 says:

    @ketandev : He is signifies Enthusiasm of the Fight . When the fight EGO (Duryodhan ) is fightin,g has lost its Enthusiam . Defeat is definite…

  • Michael Radner says:

    I wish I could have been there to see this blind dope get his a– handed to him.

  • HeviltheDevil says:

    27:45 The beginning of a bad trend: Yuddhisthira asking Abhimanyu to do the heavy lifting.

  • HeviltheDevil says:

    18:50 Okay, the war is about to start. Bhisma moralizing and tv series Duryodhan acting out (Duryo is nowhere near this asshat-ish in the text) is bad enough. The Gandhari monologue is pointless and kills momentum. If they do a reboot hopefully they get the pacing right.

  • HeviltheDevil says:

    In short, I wouldn’t trust either of the “Woods” to do it – I’d rely on best in class components, get it funded by an investor able to calculate the crazy profits such a production would generate, and then select the studio that was smart enough to interfere the least deal with distribution and marketing.

  • HeviltheDevil says:

    I’d structure a remake this way: Director, scriptwriter from the indian independent film industry, actors from classical indian theatre. (Similar to how in the west, they’ll use shakespearean actors in films). Dialogue in Sanskrit, english subtitles (translated by the best scholars). Digi FX/costuming/sets by WETA of New Zealand. (They research source materials obsessively and do a terrific job.) Bankrolled by an alternative investment fund. Distributed/Marketed by the least nosy studio.

  • ADMJCXNK97fan says:

    i meant B.R. Chopra AND his crew ;) 

  • ADMJCXNK97fan says:

    h’wood would kill ANYTHING related to those 2things……now it’s all about music that makes you deaf…….. but at this point i don’t even think b’wood could do this either! only B.R Chopra’s crew, god willing, could have done this! haha they will forever be legends :) one day when media COMPLETELY screws up all of these they’ll go back, see this Mahabharat and will probably understand and fall in love with the meaning, portrayal etc. all over again.

  • ADMJCXNK97fan says:

    i know!! these are like actor LEGENDS!!! i doubt even aish rai could do even as 1/8 as good as them! i get scared of episodes because i’ll be SOOOOOOO emotional because of how great these actors are!!!! i’m surprised they are not better known! they deserve so much more……….oh well, other countries can never beat this! i think Krisna must have thought that b.r. chopra’s version was good–therefore he blessed him with the most awesome cast and crew. THANK YOU!!!! haha

  • crystalwind1 says:

    Love your comments! But FX–H’wood could never have made this movie. H’wd. does not have the sensitivity or spiritual understanding, could never understand and show the love between Bhishma and Yuddhisthira, or Bhishma and Arjun, before the battle; or Arjun and Krsna during the Virat Rupa scene, or the love without envy between all the valiant women there. And my God! where did they find that Krsna and Arjun? Krsna must have Personally empowered these actors.

  • crystalwind1 says:

    Love your comments! But FX: this could not have been done in H’wood. Never. Hwd. has NO sensitivity or spirituality. Could never show the love between Bhishma and Arjun, Krsna and Arjun talking before the battle, Arjun seeing Krsna’s Virat Rupa, the love without envy that all the valiant women had for each other. Only in India, I believe, could this have been done. And my God! where did they find that Arjun and Krsna? Krsna had to Personally empower these actors.

  • crystalwind1 says:

    Absolutely wrong. You’re picking and choosing what you want to believe. But whether you take the externals, the history, or not, do take it into your heart in a humble mood, following the example of the great warriors you just saw, humbly approach the superior personalities, humbly ask to regain your lost spiritual life.

  • lamano06 says:

    I dnt get way it takes my cpu 25 years to download this vid, machines are junk!!!

  • anjali87 says:

    AKRAMAAAAN! 19:22

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