magic money mantra

Tһіѕ mantra wаѕ devised bу a 13th century Buddhist monk, It brings money, financial aid аחԁ wһаt еνеr уουr need іѕ аt tһе time аѕ long аѕ іtѕ pure. chant along wіtһ уουr οwח harmony аחԁ see wһаt іt ԁοеѕ fοr уου. Nam mya ho ren ge kyo pronounced (narm meeo ho ren ge keeo)

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25 Responses to “magic money mantra”

  • Linda Bony says:

    Hermoso y  muy efectivo, gracias por compartirlo….Bendiciones!

  • Ricardo Lopes says:

    Great! Absolutely Awesome!

  • ToonSxO says:

    Whats being “sold” to us again?

  • alexa serrano says:


  • Robert697 says:

    I don’t want an iPad

  • Sudarshani Atthudawa says:

    Nam mya ho ren ge kyo

  • atalvarma says:

    narmeyo gordon gekko-eo?

  • celebro74 says:

    fajne , wpada w ucho

  • konataizumilover1 says:

    kiss your hand 5x and post this on three other videos and there should be a pink iPad under your pillow

  • Deb Nuckles says:

    This is so very very disrespectful to Nichiren Daishonin…and the “LAW”. “Magic Money Mantra”…please. Should be ashamed of yourself…this explains that either you don’t know anything about it or you are trying to prostitute it for whatever reason. You are leading people astray by selling this like a “product”…to get rich.

  • Carlos Portillo says:

    Nam comes from sanscrit Nama that means name.

  • Speedy King says:

    is it okay if we are christian or muslim?

  • Krishna Sharma says:


  • Grant Vizard says:

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  • Grant Vizard says:

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  • wwwAmrAmAr says:

    That is the reason why I asked, to find out,
    so you tell me when you find out ;-p

  • Icyhot1995 says:

    Great question, please tell me if you find out

  • Tanja Simic says:


  • Миколо Исидорович Палыга says:

    Я носил очки 41 год: – 1,5D правый и -3,5D левый глаз. Сам себе САМОСТОЯТЕЛЬНО исправил зрение. Мою книгу АЛГОРИТМ ГАРМОНИИ можно скачать БЕСПЛАТНО по названию через GOOGLE! На стр. 105 есть таблица со ССЫЛКАМИ на мои ВИДЕО с упражнениями для ИСПРАВЛЕНИЯ ЗРЕНИЯ.

  • wwwAmrAmAr says:

    And what does the initial NAM mean ?

  • Dennis Todd says:

    if the objective is the attainment of material wealth and, if a person believes they’ll attain material wealth by chanting Daimoku, they’ll probably be successful. However, isn’t the ultimate objective the attainment of enlightenment and the deliverance from worldly bounds?

  • 7777Antje says:

    Intresting thanks for sechering

  • ryuzaki374 says:

    This seems to be an exaggerated version of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, the chant created by Nichiren Shonin, founder of the NIchiren sect of Buddhism in Japan.

  • Zack Cormier says:

    Come check out my channel for a business opportunity that wont fail. Have financial freedom, and become apart of a company that strives to better people’s lives!

  • TJ ALex says:

    nope..u will be another monk soon…get ur education n skills that u need to impress ur boss..

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