Liquid Mind – Balance (Galaxies)

Music frοm Liquid Mind III – Balance Chuck Wild

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25 Responses to “Liquid Mind – Balance (Galaxies)”

  • Rudy Alpha says:

    I just wanted to say for all of those who have watched these videos that are brothers and sisters. Did you realize we are looking for the same answers and we’ve seen the same videos? Actually we are close related souls and we are part of the same family. Sometimes we feel alone and think nobody around us understands our ideals and the way we view the World. But never forget all the friends you have around the World which understand you and would like to be with you. Cheers from Brazil.

  • xGodofAcidx says:

    I could also say the same for those who preach science as if it’s the end all, be all. Learn to live with one another, accept that your views are yours and not everyone shares them, and be respectful of that instead of argumentative over it.

  • xGodofAcidx says:

    Please keep the religious stuff to yourselves, even if your intentions are good. People don’t come to a video like this to be preached to. There are places and times for that in this world. If you’re really at peace with yourself, that comes with tolerance for the beliefs of others. I don’t believe it’s showing tolerance when people sit here and make comments structured in a way that says “This is what I believe in, so you should too”.

  • Reynaldo Balmes says:

    mango and stuff

  • Tchurchy1 says:

    Everyone is not apart of God Christ unless saved by his grace.

  • Tchurchy1 says:

    Balance while be sane perfected in faith in God Christ. Is what can allow you to move in life connected to good. Even with the undoneness in the world can go pass into peace. Soulful spirited going beyond ego connected to emotional music as this in the universe. Blessed be God in peace with truth.

  • MothershipOracle says:

    absolutely! we literaly all, are part of god! the more emotional the music, the more it gets insulted! such is the way of this world unfortunately! then again its all been prophesised as it were! peace to you.

  • MothershipOracle says:

    totaly agree with you ramjetrabbit!!! your words could of well been mine too!!!! peace to you!

  • ramjetrabbit says:

    Man, you definitely hit the nail on the head! I TOTALLY concur. Peace to you, friend.

  • ramjetrabbit says:

    This is breath-taking!!! Wow… I have my own beliefs about what this music makes me think of and see in my mind. I won’t share them, as I don’t want to be insulted by the hard-headed, senseless, stubborn, rebellious and hate-filled, who would probably lambaste my opioions, which I’m entitled to. But this is WONDERFUL music. Thanks for posting.

  • geoped1 says:

    Physx, empirical data and relationships among observable facts obtain quite apart from the interpretational paradigm through which they are viewed/organized. E+MC2′d, regardless of whether one considers the universe to be a product of time+chance+substance/force, etc., or whether one considers the universe the product of intelligent design. The basis of modern science, the methodolgy, antedates the articulation of an explanation of origin. I invite a third party to judge who’s insulting whom.

  • geoped1 says:

    Please, keep your attacks and assumptions-viz., that jodiroxx does not read because he/she does not worship at your altar-to YOURself. If you’re of the opinion that any and every biochemical researcher subscribes to evolution… you’re claiming to speak for people with whose convictions you are not, nor can be, familiar. Biochemical data are not enslaved to any particular world view. Thank you.

  • Jody Firneno says:

    everytime I watch videos of our solar system I ask myself how can people NOT believe in God? This isn’t evolution, it’s creation. I feel connected to these images, a strange “home like” feeling. My soul yearns for the day I will be connected to this everlasting beauty.

  • samblack1764 says:

    Chill bumps tickled my warm skin as if my very soul felt lifted among the stars

  • KMGreg Outman says:

    You have all been enlightened. Feels good , dosen’t it.

  • vladapsyful says:


  • Agui007 says:

    When I absorb this all I can feel is infinite freedom, freedom from who I am now.
    We need to free ourselves from the world of enslavement to enlightenment for which we then connect ourselves with our higher consciousness. Much love.

  • geoped1 says:

    Correction… let me edit that. It was not a posssession He gave up… it was indeed an essential part of Himself; i.e., His only begotten Son.

  • geoped1 says:

    “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the Earth shows forth His handiwork.” “What is man that you are mindful of him?” Well, if God IS mindful of him (us), then we must be of some value; especially when we consider that He gave up His most cherished ‘possession’ to redeem/rescue us. If this is (a) creation of God, can you imagine what it will be like to stand before Him in His complete majesty and holiness. The beatific vision… I cannot wait.

  • CEBLlady1 says:

    The peacefulness of this music is impeccable and so relaxing from the ways of the world!

  • bearmanmr says:

    how amazing xxx

  • Theresia Swiebel says:

    I love the music and video! Its so glorious!

  • CEBLlady1 says:

    When it comes to calming the mind from the activities of the world….Liquid Mind it at the top. Peaceful, relaxing and soothing to the soul and spirit!
    We as mankind really are small compared to the vastness of the universe!
    What a God we serve to create such a beautiful universe that we get to be a part of!

  • Matilde Lugo says:

    wow!! all this is out there in the universe and humans are too busy killing and hating each other! shame on us!

  • RealMusicinc says:

    Our label thanks you for your interest in Liquid Mind’s music! If you’d like to listen to more of Liquid Mind and other wonderful artists, please visit our website or call (800) 398-7325. Join us in our mission to spread relaxing and uplifting music to listeners throughout the world. -Real Music

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