Kymatica (2009)

Kymatica bу Ben Stewart:

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25 Responses to “Kymatica (2009)”

  • Jason Colby says:

    Methinks Wesley doth protest too much. The burden of proof lies on his shoulders, I’d like some gripping details contrary to fundamental (not trivial) quotes from the video.

  • Wesley Paul Eva says:

    I actually watched the whole movie a year ago and was impressed.However,since then I have had plenty of time to investigate the subject and basically ,it just reiterates the entirely unsubstantiated biblical revisionism of M Blavatsky as part of her new age religion for the new world order

  • firsthandler says:

    I feel your argument. None of any esoteric video you watch on youtube is gonna have pure facts. But you have to admit. Some of it is interesting or else you would have not watched it. And if you did not watch it in its entirety. Frankly, you have no business commenting.

  • Wesley Paul Eva says:

    Its ultimately rather tragic to think that so many people lap this BS up without even questioning the credibility of what they are being asked to believe

  • Wesley Paul Eva says:

    Not sure if You got my thumbs up but glad to see not everyone is a sucker for this kind of BS

  • Wesley Paul Eva says:

    Wow! excellent doc.These NWO propaganda movies almost seem to provide a serious answer.Shame so much of it is based on the myths of Madam Blavatksy although anyone quoting Jordan Maxwell AKA Jordanus Maximus(see Blavastsky)AKA Russell Pine should not be taken too seriously

    For the record,the Jewish name for Israel is Yisra’el.If You want to know more,do some research,don’t just fall for this BS

  • oOKasp3rOo says:

    that sounds like too much religeous brain washing man :( I hope one day your mind opens and sees what we see

  • Ali Polaris says:

    it doesn’t matter what you believe in what matters is your living,,, beliefs are the worse thing that Human being have

  • Ali Polaris says:

    have you seen zeitgeist if not? please watch it.

  • joakim olofsson says:

    this is the most significant video I have ever seen. Everyone, pleas, spread it

  • joakim olofsson says:

    are you that afraid to face what he realy is saying with the video? misinformed or not, the message of the video is the same. And that message is anything but missinformed.

  • FromLilithsLips says:

    Wow. What rubbish. The content ranges from misinformed to down right ridiculous. The trajectory is a flight of ideas that is very typical of thought disorders. And the continued presentation of information as ‘fact’ and ’science’ when it is neither of these things is just dishonest (although I will give the creator of the video the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t really understand what they are talking about rather than him being intentionally dishonest).

  • Abraxas Hellias says:

    This movie made me level up :)

  • scorpionting says:

    This movie it self is an evolution to the human mind .

  • IBMikmaq says:

    I have to say this is one of the best documentaries I seen on youtube! this is a true awaking!
    By opening our eyes and knowing the truth then we can spread the message and by doing so we can stop it because we are no longer blind and our eye are open! We manifest our reality through conscious thought! This is known as Quantum Physics!

  • RaShaaSi says:

    Damn, so powerfull.

  • Erich Nolan Bertussi says:

    still a classic #MustSee

  • KyleDeKyle says:

    Fair enough. To me it is too dangerous a belief to let manfiest, but we all may choose our path :) I wish you well

  • Tyler Newdigate says:

    No, but it is what I believe.

  • IBMikmaq says:

    this is an amazing video, beautiful!

  • Bowdin Deese says:

    lucky for this kid,or just good karma from previous lives ,he obviuosly did not have to hate many people in this world, unlike many of us….we had to suffer and fear and be negative…

  • Jason Eason says:

    good movie

  • worldwiderelease says:

    There is the evolution of the natural world & there is the evolution of sentient beings, who must come and participate in the physical reality in order to overcome the desire or attachment to Separation & to provide service to those living in the physical reality. They both exist, but they are happening at different levels. It is the level confusion that people have that leads them to make incorrect decisions and assumptions & conclusions about the meaning of existence.”
    quote NEWMESSAGE org

  • worldwiderelease says:

    “The physical universe is changing &evolving God does not have to manage every little swirl in the current of a river because the river is self-perpetuating. It is running on its own. God does not have to manage every little breeze in the air, or the shape of every little cloud, because these phenomena are all being perpetuated by the geological and biological forces that were set in motion at the beginning of the creation of the physical reality.”

  • ManFrom1992 says:

    Does anyone have any recommended books?

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