Imee Ooi – Green Tara Mantra

Alexander Zabara’s Slideshow Music:”Green Tara Mantra”, Imee Ooi – Zabara Alexander If уου want tο bυу οr υѕе photos used іח tһіѕ slideshow please contact mе – Yου саח see οtһеr mу photos οח mу website –

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25 Responses to “Imee Ooi – Green Tara Mantra”

  • Yuan Wijaya says:

    very very appreciated…really healed audio

  • mumblealice17 says:

    And to you my friend :) 

  • Jim Waugaman says:

    It is most beautiful at around 3:33 when it enters Lydian mode.

  • zn4612 says:

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  • TheBlueFavorites says:

    I love Imee Ooi

  • tahkhdgs says:

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  • Gururu21 says:

    wow! it healed me! 0.32-0.33 how amazing!

  • Chondro Tan says:

    in this video, how many times is the mantra chanted? thanks before

  • asuriburu says:

    Blessings for you too !

  • Padmedjenpa says:

    Laissez-vous enchanter par la voix et la musique d’Imee Ooi, ainsi que par les paroles sacrées des soutras et mantras bouddhistes ! Achetez les CD Imee Ooi originaux en allant sur le blog “Voie Eveillée du Coeur”.

  • Jellita Le says:

    and praying every day. Some one there suggest me should hear Green tara mantra . After that I found this clip on youtube. First time I heard it I cried a lot . it like someone was sharing with me at that time even I didnt talk any thing ….after that I feel better, I start to thinking my life in different way. Well it is long story I can not write down here all :)

  • Jellita Le says:

    This is miracle , 3 years ago My life was into very diffiucult situation, Unhappy in love, Bussiness not good, study nor good too …..I could not find any way to make me feel better and I couldn’t share with anyone, they dont understand me …>< Finally I go to pagoda chanting

  • Filbert Dick Cavanugh Huang says:

    why? you save from what?

  • Jellita Le says:

    This mantra save my life

  • Chris Lyra says:

    linda musica !

  • MsSchwarzerrabe says:

    @alisakuumba thank you

  • o0othelonetigero0o says:

    Check out my channel for more beautiful chantings =)

  • paulandmo2007 says:

    read above Namaste :)

  • paulandmo2007 says:

    Thnak you SO much for explaining it the way you did.. I wish all chants were explained the way you did :) thx! Namaste

  • Joeyal123 says:

    May the Blessings of the Goddess be upon all of you my friend she loves you all <3

  • pikadeifi says:

    a truly healing mantra and so beautifully put into music .

  • pikadeifi says:

    a truly healing mantra and so beautifully put into music

  • nuvolabianca49 says:

    @whoolec I thank you so much for sharing this wonderful creation with me

  • Gavin Mounsey says:

    touches my heart and soul, healing energy in sound, thank you so much

  • ksherchand says:

    I don’t understand but I enjoy and music has no language.

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