Hypnosis for the Teenage Mind – Teenager Self esteem building and feel good Hypnosis Session

www.hypnosisdownloads.org Tһіѕ іѕ a really сοοƖ session fοr teenagers tһаt wіƖƖ һеƖр build self esteem, self belief аחԁ feel ɡοοԁ! Of course іt wіƖƖ work οח adults tοο ѕο һаνе a listen аחԁ please rate аחԁ/οr comment. AƖѕο check out mу Hypnosis Blog аt www.rememberhypnosis.com

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25 Responses to “Hypnosis for the Teenage Mind – Teenager Self esteem building and feel good Hypnosis Session”

  • GabrielleLuvs R.Royal says:

    My little brother was watching TV during my session too but I tuned it out, try it. :)

  • boglenight1551 says:

    thank you so much,
    i feel so much better

  • tdejoy4 says:

    when i watch these videos i always want to move my fingers,toes, feet, and hands but i never can lol i’m so positive of myself now too ! c:

  • GermanTeenVlogger says:

    Ah i’m so tired now… my body feels weak but i feel good :D 

  • 180066able says:

    my PARENTS TURNED THE TV ON AND RELAXATION WAS GONE… try again later when they r not on tv. ugh

  • phillip whiting says:

    i lost all feeling in my body then i was waking up then my damn phone went off stupid phone it did work though

  • phillip whiting says:

    i lost all feeling in my body then i was waking up then my damn phone went off stupid phone

  • Rikesh Mathew says:


  • DerNoName1 says:

    I’m german, but I understand English, and so I clicked this Video. It was one of my best Relaxing in my live ! Good Vid !

  • IsaScience says:

    I wish my parents wouldnt interrupt me!!! This thing as AMAZING!!!

  • TheMrSilverdude says:

    that is when our universe is atleast 1 googolplex big

  • thisisme032 says:

    Thank you :)

  • GoofiestChannelTV says:

    its been proven that it would take the size of 20 of our universes to find another exact atomic structure as yourself the universe does not go on forever it does have an end

  • Marielena Alejandra says:

    i started to feel like someone holding my hands so i got scared and stoped the video

  • Joey Jepps says:

    i was halfway through this video when my dad walked in and i woke up. i was so mad at him. i guess ill have to come back to this tomorrow…

  • kandybarkatz says:

    My baby brother threw a huge tantrum at the end and when I tried to go back to it it just wasn’t working :( but it did feel really good to hear those nice things without wondering if someone payed them to say it or are saying it just to make me feel good….I felt like this was real….thanks

  • JJLM45 says:

    thx man really made me feel better about myself when the world was closeing around.

  • EmtyThe1st says:

    During the initial countdown for opening and closing my eyes, I also noticed the lack of ability to move my arms. Was this intended, or just a side reaction to the inability to open my eyes?

  • TheLizzyfizzy44 says:


  • kayleetweetiebird99 says:

    I kept opening my eyes when I wasn’t supposed to and I don’t know if that affected the outcome but i’m not really sure how i feel? At one point I started crying because it felt so good to hear good things about me for once and someone actually meaning it. I wished it would never end because reality sucks….or at least in my case.

  • dillon parker says:

    i felt awesome when i awoke

  • nlpmagic says:

    Opening and closing of the eyes during trance can actually deepen the trance. We call it fractionation. Of course you can only do it 4 – 5 times before it no longer deepens. This may be why it seemed like “nothing”. Enjoy.

  • imkakashisbabe15 says:

    This really made me feel better but towards the end my body woke me up The same way it would wake me up when I dream that I’m falling, I just closed my eyes again and opened them when instructed.When fully concious it was as though that quick interruption was nothing. Why is that?

  • nlpmagic says:

    Confusion techniques can work well with people who have very active minds. When the mind gets confused is occupies with Conscious Mind allowing easier access to the sub-conscious.

  • Tim Akgayev says:

    Not an exact since the location will be different and since space-time has variations depending on where you’re located within it the copy won’t be exactly the same. So technically every single person is infinitely unique i.e given infinite time or space there can never be an EXACT copy. Even if someone has same exact atoms and lives the same exact life in the same exact location as you, it’s going to be in different time, thus they’ll still be different

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