How He Loves Us- David Crowder Band

Hοw Hе Lονеѕ Uѕ Video Meditation.

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25 Responses to “How He Loves Us- David Crowder Band”

  • amazingaria47 says:

    @TheBiebs941 same with my Christian camp and i almost cry when i hear it to! This is a fantastic song and it shows God’s love for us

  • sillysillychicken14 says:

    what camp was it?…

  • TheBiebs941 says:

    I love this song<3 Its so beautiful. We would sing this at my Christian camp. Its my favorite worship song ever!! Its so beautiful. I always feel like im gonna cry when i listen to it. I miss camp

  • Mitchelhc says:

    my heart turns violently inside of my chest…soo beautiful :)

  • MultiTriple000 says:

    Well, that’s only how some people will go out.

  • MultiTriple000 says:

    How does this video have dislikes?

  • bet123rox says:

    This song got me 1st Place in our Church Camp Talent Search! :) God is so great and beautiful, it’s beyond measure. We can’t compare Him to anything because He is much greater than anything on this earth because He created it.

  • Boaz Rodriguez says:

    yeah i love him

  • romasaintil says:


  • Macarena Alcivar says:

    q hermosa cancion dios te bendiga

  • PokeyJazzy says:

    I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it!

  • Enigmaticmuffin27 says:

    when he does come, let’s just hope he doesn’t make us go out how Revelation went… O_O

  • Smitty Smith says:

    Just heard this song when I was at power plant and now I love it

  • imtiredofbeinganerd says:

    I was at a youth rally in February, Leeland played this song and it brought me to tears. Everytime I sing this in church I almost start crying.

  • TheLumpySpaceHeather says:

    Yeah.. Im ready to go home as well. <3 My Real Home.

  • mastercyclonious says:

    Not much longer now my christian brother.

  • mariamladisa says:

    this song moves me soooooo much :)

  • t2billy1 says:

    oh and the bible teaches that “god” means a false “god” and God, is the living, 1 and only God,
    old testament is best place to learn that, try, 1kings, 2kings, plenty false gods in them books, thats not to upset anyone, it,s to help you out, so you know the differance, how else would you be able to tell the differance, between talking about a false god, and the real God ,

  • t2billy1 says:

    Great song, but, the slide show needs dumped, the Christ jesus Gods son, is no longer on the cross, the cross will never see the body off jesus again,behold the empty wooden tree his gone alive and free, raisen from the grave,to justify you and me, here in Godless, england, u.k. the clampets that are in churches are starting to do a ritual at easter, decorating a cross, with flowers, how sick is that, are people so egnorant that they think there creating a grave to have simpathy with GOD.

  • carmenortiz122 says:

    i luve yuo god yuo are biutiful :-*

  • TheLukeskywalker2 says:

    Neither can I.

  • Caleb Cook says:

    “However if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.”
    – 1 Peter 4:16.
    Do not listen to the evil of man. When you are at school or work or public, do NOT let them speak evil unto you, and if you are made fun of for following your Lord, only pray unto Him. Do not fight with others so they’ll convert either. Jesus did not fight with people, He only loved them. do what Jesus did. And never let the world block you and god’s relationship. Pray for sinners

  • chasityandrews29 says:

    The lord is great dont but nobody first but god its telling us how much he love us so its tellin us to dont put nobody first but us thats I love the lord

  • pumpkinpie102508 says:

    God’s love is everywhere. we just have to stop looking for it so we can see how amazing it is.

  • MrCoolkid566 says:

    OH HOW HE LOVES US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD IN THE HIGHEST POWER! NAME OF ALL NAMES! KING OF KINGS! let us worship him

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