Go Rest High On That Mountain- Vince Gill

I ԁο חοt οwח tһе song οr tһе pictures used іח tһе mаkіחɡ οf tһіѕ video. Thanks fοr watching. Aѕ οf: November 6th, 2010: 98988 views. Thank уου ѕο much!!! Tһіѕ being tһе first video I еνеr mаԁе I аm ѕο shocked. If уου һаνе аחу requests tο ԁο a video Ɩіkе tһіѕ Ɩеt mе know! :]

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25 Responses to “Go Rest High On That Mountain- Vince Gill”

  • bradleyjohnlloyd712 says:

    in loving memory of my greatgrand father . this was one of many songs played at his funeral . RIP grand dad . U WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN I LOVE U

  • Dani311377 says:

    In loving memory of my dear friend Steve. This song was played at his funeral, and it’s the perfect song for him. You were a great man, and a GREAT friend. You were one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever known. This world lost a great man the day you died. When you left this world, you left a void in my life, and a hole in my heart. I no longer have my “buddy” to joke and laugh with when we’re all together, it’s not the same, you took the fun with you. I miss you Steve-O. RIP my dear friend.

  • robert escobar says:

    make me cry

  • Lee Vanciel says:

    Amen to that God Bless you and your family for saying that

  • Kele Lynn says:

    This song touches many hearts for more then one reason. It touches mine cause I lost my babies June 6,2010, My grandmother October 9,2010, my Grandfather Joe January 11,2011, and had to have emergency surgery to remove my babies again the 12th of April this year. It is the one song I can listen to that will calm me and remind me that all of them are in a better place now. I love you all and miss you. I will never forget what this song means to me and I will always know what it means to others.

  • mydadtoby says:


  • phyllis vace says:

    this was played when my dad died.it made all my anger at him dissipate and i felt him go.then they played taps. i hope vince knows how many lives he has touched with this song.i will play it at my husbands death,as his life has been a very hard one since age 5 and he deserves to have peace.i cant say i miss my dad but i sure miss my mom who went home in 1966 when i was 14.thank *YOU* *GOD* for the wonderful talent you gave vince.he goe to the heart when he sings

  • CnyAutofreak says:

    lost my brother to cancer at 37 in 2006 and havent fully recovered yet. take it one day at a time, thats the only way to do it…. take it from someone who knows. BUT Honor them in you actions,your words and the love you give others.

  • Janis Hibbetts says:

    miss you mom dad e i p

  • Barbara R, Huff says:

    I have a song I wrote for you to sing. I don’t know how to get it to you. Go rest high on the mountain is my favorite. You may reach me at, huffhoney@gmail.com. God Bless you. and thanks for your beautiful music.

  • FlattrackMac says:

    This was played at my Father-in-Laws funeral. I had never heard it before prior to that. I knew I loved Vince Gill’s voice. My favorite song is When I Called Your Name. The song was very fitting. He fought hard his last few days on this earth. He was due for a rest: He got it. We’ll join him soon.

  • watchdog473 says:

    Vince Gill , Alison Kraus and Ricky Scaggs !

  • watchdog473 says:

    Nice Handy Download Pictures! BlackBerry? :) )

  • shadowkillz1000 says:

    R.I.P JESSI ilove yu 



  • Judyp77 says:

    I’ll tell you a little secret parents don’t usually share.Children tht give us the most trouble seem to have a bit more of our hearts.Not that we love one child more than the others,it’s just that the toublemaker is the one that needs us the most.My youngest son was like that.He knew my heart.Unfortunately some of his earlier mistakes caused him to have a massive heart attack in May of 2010.We played this song at his funeral.He was a born again believer, as am I, so we will meet again.


    The day they laid my DADDY to rest in Harlan KY. at rest haven cemetery, i was going up the mountain following behind the hearse carrying my DADDY, and this song come on GOD bless you MOM and DAD i will be there someday in heaven when i leave this old world!!!

  • Amy Bee says:

    I miss you dad.

  • ronda79rb says:

    i miss you mom

  • kcbabyful says:

    this song played at my nanny pearl’s funeral, everyone in that family had issues but strangely all of them were crying and leaning on eachothers shoulders when we played this and put her in the ground :’( luv you nanny pearl!

  • anden4fr says:

    a fine piece of singing and afine tribute ! so well done vince .

  • Brenda Stumpf says:

    This song is also added to my husbands list of songs he wanted played when I bury him in the spring I lost him due to small cell cancer in July.

  • Brenda Stumpf says:

    This song was not written for Keith it was written for Vince’s Brother when he died here in Oklahoma he wrote it then and it was not done with Others in it I think at the time other then Amy Grant. when they sang it at the the funeral so sad and heart breaking also.

  • bobby cope says:

    good song but sad video

  • Jeff Hollenhead says:

    This is Vince Gill’s tribute to his friend Keith Whitley who died way to young. He was married to Lorrie Morgan at the time when he lost his battle with alcoholism. RIP Keith.

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