FRANCE 24 The Interview – David Lynch Film Director , part1

THE INTERVIEW – Part1: Oυr host David LYNCH, Film Director, tells υѕ more аbουt transcendental meditation.

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22 Responses to “FRANCE 24 The Interview – David Lynch Film Director , part1”

  • sambar0986 says:

  • Miky Garcia says:

    here’s part 2 :

  • bigrocker182 says:

    This is the guy!

  • marce11o says:

    His claims are pretty much congruent with those of Thomas Campbell and his “My Big TOE” – can be found on YouTube as well.

  • bmwx11 says:

    im sorry, I like Lynch’s movies, but this seemed like a shitty informercial…he doesn’t give a lot for anyone who might question this…his facts aren’t cited and we aren’t given concrete places to look to back up his rambling excitement…

  • vakros says:

    Hence the occidental tragedy… who told you that life is about something? There’s no objectives (in an abstract and general way, of course). There’re always people trying to avoid suffering. Now, we’ve to define suffering, even more; happiness. If Happiness, a state of whatever, become to a gold, then we’re automatically merge with the opposite. We don’t know, i don’t know. That’s something interesting, but even more interesting, is to be at the level of your most immediately perception of

  • HodoroncTronc says:

    hey frenchies where the hell is the second part of the interview? you tricked us, I want to hear the rest, post the damn video if you advertise it. respect us viewers…

  • chefpetey says:

    WTF was Eraserhead all about? Wasn’t he banging Isabella Rosellini for at one time? That’s a stress reliever

  • cezramone says:

    : there’s a way to fight against violence and that’s exposing it .That’s what he does in movies .It’s like when you play a video game .Would you like to be the victim? If you said no, then you are the perpetrator. Who is the psychopath now..


    he seems very concerned in the well being of people, even though his films are complete mindfucks that you would expect from a psychopath haha

  • Markfly says:

    @captainpungent, absolutely! last decade we only got 2 films from him. we need more!

  • moseva says:

    God bless him, we need more like him, what he does is amazing. Meditation changed my life as well. I wish him a long life

  • captainpungent says:

    i wish lynch would make more movies. he’s slowing down in releases almost as slow as kubrick’s last 30 years. and as for TM, to each his own. but it bums me out he seems to focus on promoting it rather than creating movies. anyways, i am looking forward to seeing his first documentary (that i know of) even if it’s on the maharishi. the beatles broke ties and still did great work after, so i hope DL stops TM promotion after the documentary and focuses primarily on new material b/c he is GREAT.

  • chadmurphi says:

    Well, first off I love David Lynch. I understand what he’s getting at but to say that the thoughts or clarity of mind that meditation gives you has something to do with the unified field is not logical. There is no relation between the two. I am all on board with meditation being an enlightening practice.

    I am 32 now and the last time that I really deeply meditated was when I was in my late teens and I believe that it changed me forever for the good.

  • totallydisillusioned says:

    succinctly put. The only proven result so far of TM is the flow of your money into the TM coffers.

  • totallydisillusioned says:

    More pseudoscience and vague promises of bliss and a cure for every modern dissatisfaction from the TM cult. The studies are biased, the promises unkept, the devotees kept penniless and unenlightened–have you see the yogic flying????
    And the head honchos in their gold burger king crowns???? And the ambition of vedic world government????
    Do you want your kids learning from these people?????

  • TheSudarsha says:

    Well, David Lynch may be a great film maker and he may sound convincing, but he’s also the spokesman for a cult that is much more interested in YOUR money than in your well-being.

  • blakohli8ios says:

    Thank you very much!

  • tdfia says:

    @blakohli8ios, part 1 and part 2 are available at the France 24 website.

  • iandmoreagaini says:

    part 2?

  • blakohli8ios says:

    Is there a part 2?

  • Shaastri says:

    David Lynch is not only a great film director but a unique education expert. Great!

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