FLORIDA BEACHES #4 Ocean Sounds Relaxing Sunset Waves DVD Relax Clearwater Beach Relaxation Video

4 OF 6 – FLORIDA BEACHES 1 – Clearwater Beach Relaxation Video Ocean Sounds Relaxing Sunset Waves DVD ≈ www.wavesdvd.com ≈ Relax Now. Visit ουr Channel. 8-) Iח honor οf Florida Beaches before tһе BP Oil Spill Disaster аחԁ tar balls. Take a beach brеаk wіtһ ουr “Florida Beaches” DVD…

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25 Responses to “FLORIDA BEACHES #4 Ocean Sounds Relaxing Sunset Waves DVD Relax Clearwater Beach Relaxation Video”

  • wavesdvdcom says:

    BRING your own Music to the Beach. It’s Easy.
    1. PAUSE this Video Now. (PRESS the Red “PLAY / PAUSE” Triangle above)
    2. OPEN a New Window or TAB.
    3. SEARCH for your favorite “ARTIST” “ALBUM” or “BEST OF” “PLAYLIST” on Youtube or iTunes & Press PLAY. Ex: ENYA BEST OF PLAYLIST
    4. RETURN to this Window & Press PLAY.
    5. ADJUST “Waves Sound Level” (Next to the Play button) to MIX. ENJOY!

  • 1980slitron693 says:

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  • BlurredMotionMedia says:

    Great video! Very peaceful.
    Beautiful shot at 7:25!

  • freemancarl says:

    Haha I’ve seen it too & i thought it was a flying fish! XD ;)

  • theenchantedhorse says:

    if you look close in the minute 4:17 in the middle of the water were the water is close to the sand, you can see a little fish ,silver color, jump out of the water and back in,,look closely ,its really tiny..lol

  • slickmodz says:

    goin there this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GFisher111 says:

    Everyone in the world should be made to watch this each and every day.

  • taniya3957 says:

    naneedj.info I am looking for a man with good values

  • Meistertz says:

    its 9:45 minutes of water sounds haha i cant believe this…wake up people you wanna relax go to a beach or just your bed :-p

  • Kurt A. says:

    This is ridiculously amazing for meditation. My brain almost comes and goes with the waves, it seems.

    10/5 quality. Thank you.

  • hurricanejones1 says:

    I saw a little bit of dried seaweed or beach riffraff and thought for a second it was oil globs.This will be historic soon, beach and water without oil.Can’t wait for your new stuff

  • hurricanejones1 says:

    This is the best video on youtube!

  • Tressco says:


  • mosquiton001 says:

    great videos as always!!! :) your channel rocks!! (I’ve already subscribed months ago)


    Stunning :)

  • IamHelenKeller says:

    How wonderful…
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful video! :)

  • BitsBobsThisAndThat says:

    Delightful as usual. Do you ever shoot ant tropical storms as that would be pretty spectacular also? :)

  • froghead169 says:

    Charlie don’t surf.

  • ONISU17 says:

    Favorited* i Love it!!!

  • supernaturalhealth says:

    beautiful to the eye and the ear – 

  • jorj119 says:

    Amazing, Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • carina2800 says:

    The relaxing sound of waves
    Beautiful video as always

  • KATLINRIMER08 says:


  • wavesdvdcom says:

    Thanks everyone for favorite-ing, commenting,
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  • Laurie Kathryn Cheslak says:

    Thank you for the soothing sounds!

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