Fitness Show – Yoga for Back Flexibility — Dwikonasana

Dwikonasana — Tһіѕ aasana wіƖƖ һеƖр уου achieve a flexible back. It wіƖƖ аƖѕο strengthen уουr shoulder blade аחԁ abdomen.

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25 Responses to “Fitness Show – Yoga for Back Flexibility — Dwikonasana”

  • shakthi975 says:

    @Dadrew200 – Yo man, me too came for the same damn thing…. :P

  • Glory2Yahweh says:

    I used to think that yoga was just an exercise, but I found out that it is actually a part (the main part) of worshiping all the false gods in Hinduism…

    I ask you to please Look into this yourself. It’s a form of idol worship (worshiping false gods). I was completely ignorant of this, as I’m sure many of you are as well.

  • BIGSHANEK says:


  • angelicwaste says:

    she looks like she’s thinking “why the frak am i doing this again??”

  • nellie2581 says:

    I love yoga

  • LeafFreedom says:

    If you look closer I think she had a horrific accident causing a scar on the eyebrow. She’s not raising it that is it’s resting position. I would totally still do her though.

  • mikeejay63 says:


  • Dadrew200 says:

    IM not gonna lie i just came here for the down shirt view

  • soocl0se says:

    Look at those fucking eyebrows! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhahahaha!

  • ALCRAN2010 says:

    its a yoga, calmness vid, …why is the models eyebrows cocked like shes flirting? dont they relax at any point? hard not to think other intentions when shes giving me the ’smolder’!

  • thaifighter911 says:

    Amen brother!

  • jazzhawkus says:

    Folks, you an watch porno ANYWHERE. Cant seem to see a little bit of skin without making it sexual….Dang. goto willya? Im envious of the extreme flexibility of her body

  • view4fun54 says:

    Dang, I wish she’d get rid of those sweat pants and be in a thong or bikini as in the other ones. And I still thing the narrator has a sexy voice. Still wonder if the narrator is the yogi girl. I’m thinking of getting back into yoga after being out for 30 plus years. I was pretty dang good back in 81–intermediate level. I did a shoulder stand,could touch my nose to my knees, splits–now, I can’t do none of that because I’m an old out of shape dirty old man.

  • debasisb2002 says:

    nice tits

  • bleedatbuv says:

    Anyone know who this dish is??

  • Jackle61 says:

    I started getting back spasms just watching this.

  • kingjbrown26 says:


  • kingjbrown26 says:

    nice ass tits yo!

  • TheVirajster says:

    Not everyone is THAT flexible…..this should have shown a basic back teeny back bend, like leaning your head back eyes looking back & pushing the hips slightly, holding the small of the back. Somebody could injure themselves doing this video….

  • DIRTYDUNNZ says:

    she can catch the wood.

  • 3thrnl says:

    She looks like a tall, sleek indian version of Scarlet Johanson.
    …Yeah and the asanas are helpful too.

  • milybecky96 says:

    DONT READ you will die in seven days if you don’t post this on 10 other videos in the next hour. if you do, tomarrow will be the best day of your life

  • SeriousNot says:

    I was looking for another video when I ran across this one, now I can’t seem to remember what I looking for.

  • bleedatbuv says:

    Without a doubt she is my dream girl

  • bleedatbuv says:

    God damn… What’s her name??. She’s amazing…

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