Dr. Steven Greer: The Physics of Consciousness

Connect wіtһ уουr Soul Group οr find уουr Soulmate аt in5d Connection www.in5d.NET EVERYONE іѕ welcome! in5d httpUPDATED DAILY! Tһе Internet’s Ɩаrɡеѕt Esoteric, Spiritual аחԁ Metaphysical Database! Frοm Truth Frequency Radio: Tһіѕ week аrе joined bу Dr. Steven Greer, founder οf tһе Orion Project аחԁ tһе Disclosure Project. Dr. Greer іѕ physician, ufologist, author, аחԁ lecturer ; Hе wаѕ tһе first tο coin tһе term, “Close Encounters οf tһе 5th Kind” аחԁ teaches people һοw initiate contact wіtһ extraterrestrial intelligence. Hіѕ latest book, Contact: Countdown tο Transformation саח bе found аt tһе Disclosure Project website. Dr. Greer’s websites: disclosureproject.org www.cseti.org Truth Frequency Radio website: www.truthfrequencyradio.com Fοr more οח first contact, UFO’s, spirituality, 2012 аחԁ meditation, please visit http аחԁ www.in5d.com Honors fοr tһіѕ video (3) #90 – Mοѕt Viewed (Today)) – Science & Technology – South Africa #17 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Science & Technology #65 – Top Rated (Today)) – Science & Technology in5d http spiritual, awakening, journey, ascension, enlightenment, meditation, 2012, doomsday, apocalypse, prophecy, 11:11, 1111, 5d earth, 3rd eye, pineal gland, spirit guide, spirit guides, chakras, golden age, consciousness, awakening, indigo, indigo kicd, indigo adults, indigo quiz, spiritual journey, symptoms, 5th dimension, 2012 enigma, spirit, vibration, edgar cayce, spiritual awareness, DNA upgrade, һοw tο meditate, chakra, indigo children

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25 Responses to “Dr. Steven Greer: The Physics of Consciousness”

  • c0nz0rd00d says:

    interview starts at 6:05, just saved u a few minutes

  • Fennias says:

    greer is a liar and is misleading people completely.

  • SorrellsAV says:

    I think you have religion confused with NAM Con games.

  • YogiAdept says:

    Not quite :-) Wisdom is the result of Logic and Intuition working in unison. Blind faith doesn’t have this balance which is why such people are generally easy to manipulate. It doesn’t matter whether such people are religious adherents or materialistic scientists. The true basis of religious faith should be the kind of openmindedness which allows one to become inspired. Inspiration is the key to transmuting dogma in both science and religion.

  • SorrellsAV says:

    Religion is based off faith. Faith by definition means believing in something with no reason or evidence. That in it’s self is unwise, therefore if wisdom is applied to religion, then religion would be voided.

  • YogiAdept says:

    It’s not religion, per se, that’s the evil it’s the people who adopt and manipulate such religions for their own personal ends. Religion is a control mechanism just like finance. Religion in it’s highest sense is all-collective and fosters a greater appreciation of unity if applied with wisdom, which is the only true form of democracy. So until people so enlighten themselves they will be fooled by campaigns designed to foster individualism and separation, whether it be in politics or religion.

  • YogiAdept says:

    We shouldn’t wait for evidence…it’ already out! If your waiting for such disclosure in the mainstream media I think we may as well give up! If the recent banking scandal has taught us anything it’s that people are, on the whole, apathetic to ‘new’ thinking procedures outside the pattern forged by the large corporate-financial interests that govern our lives. Until mankind raises himself out of these conditions we will not have a full disclosure.

  • YogiAdept says:

    The so-called ‘back-engineered’ alien craft are really Alien reproduction vehicles…because these Beings are so advanced that they would never allow their technology to get into human hands…nevermind one of their own peoples. I do believe that our governments have advanced technology but nothing anywhere close to what the Space Beings have, fortunately. Although they do plan to create a mock alien-invasion to further their own interests in the near future!

  • YogiAdept says:

    What is documentated in the Vedas is that ancient civilisations on Earth may have indeed made flying vehicles….but there is no documentation that states they went to Mars or the Moon? There is reference to ‘The Cities of Shan’ (Space-ships) coming from Mars to collect certain advanced individuals just prior to the destruction of Atlantis in the Aetherius Society material….where they stayed for a time before returning to Earth when it was safe to do so.

  • Raelisom says:

    Ha! I never thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, most of these conspiracy theory gurus are pretty damn ugly.

  • ArizonaWillful says:

    I always decide which conspiracy theory is correct by comparing how good looking the author is of that conspiracy versus others. The best looking guy wins!

  • Raelisom says:

    I have a question. How do you conspiracy theorists validate some theories about the supposed truth of earth’s history, and invalidate others. Tsarion has another version of earth’s “true” history. Dunvalo Malchezidek has yet another history. All are radically different from each other. Since the nature of conspiracy theories is lack of evidence, how does one properly discriminate among various theories, as is the practice of conspiracy theorists?

  • FutebolFanatico001 says:

    I’m reasonably sure that you posted this as a joke. Am I correct?

  • SorrellsAV says:

    I don’t believe Greer and his group have the evidence he claims, but we’ll see in time.

  • SorrellsAV says:

    Christianity is immoral, racists, false, evil, wicked and the worst disease I’ve ever seen. It’s absolute poison, brain washing and immoral blackmail. I was raised a Christian in a Texas Bible belt, so I know what it’s all about.

  • Gez501 says:

    To brucaX10 – Where is the scientific evidence for your first sentence statement? I think this is perhaps just your opinion. I accept that you are entitled to ‘an opinion’, but please don’t present it as ‘FACTUAL’.

  • bamboosa says:

    Armchair intellectuals, here is a suggestion: open your mind and open your heart and stop clinging to what you think you know. I studied Dr. Greer’s techniques, without buying any materials, using a laptop. After a couple of months I was integrating proper intent implied by Steven’s work into my own meditation and holy moley, I had a CE-5 experience right on the rooftop of this Hollywood apartment building. CE-5 is human initiated contact with extraterrestrials.

  • olkoskas3 says:

    DEAR ALLIEN BROTHERS:its nice to fly all over the place,but i wish you move your little grey asses ,because we nead some serious help here and we need it now,i dont know dematteryalise the few hundred dead souls of the shadow gov ,or better show them the light within.because history shows us there will be massive destrution before change ww2 ww1 ect ect ect ect by the way where where you then ????

    olkoskas3 il y a 1 minute


  • henkscheel says:

    indeed Mahabharata . . .. mentions flying objects and disaster(s) like nuclear blasts. thousands of years ago.
    Meditation, getting a coherent mind is not teached by so called teachers, after the money they are, they are not enlightened at all.
    Coherence between mind and heart comes to your mental awareness when in meditation … not using mantra or prayers… just folow your breathing, eyes closed, you go so deep.

    Elites dont want you to become #enlightened. But you will

  • ISMOPANAMA says:

    One thing I have trouble agreeing with Dr. Greer is that he states “that there is no evidence of E.T.s being Hostile/Malevolent”. He says that “ALL” of the Abductions, which millions have experienced are simply Black Operations carried out by various governments. Even though that might have “Truth” to it, to say “All Abductions” are Psi/Black Ops, is very arrogant in the definition of the word. Richard Dolan pointed that out at the “Awake & Aware” conference in 2009.

  • Surucipeswerve47 says:

    The Physics of consciousness is clearly explained on Einsteins Revolution, to be found by putting Robert F. Beck into Google

  • 16f8771 says:

    I do not trust mr greers, his open source orion project does not offer anthing open source what-so-ever. The orion project a few years ago had stan meyers alternator driven fuel cell, a little back engineering and we would all have this technology but sadly not from this guy. They also took donations to buy meyers estate only to pull out at one point, not like we would get anything if they did. I doubt very much if anyone got there money back.

  • swimswet says:

    MrPhillerup makes a great point about Greer’s movement which must be manned by snails! I think a sharp troop of parochial school girls could move this crap faster than Greer’s sell-a-book every year crowd. What Godless-Greer knows is true but will never say is the evidence for the spiritual realm has as last found science discovery of God the Heavens and all the forms who dwell there. The “alien” anything will never be admitted because the settling of accounts looms very near. The “aliens” Hit

  • swimswet says:

    Well, there one massive truth to be gleaned from the oohs and aahs crowd showing face here in Greer’s ego-shack comments section: Indian elitism hasn’t suffered collapse due to the “supposed” oppression from racist white Europe. And why should it be otherwise? The very nature of “Vedic” anything looks like a drug to me. Somehow I don’t don’t believe Ibdia has given much save Jasmine rice and dirty streets. Hearing a Brahman pompous ass announce when al the world’s belief systems get pulled bac

  • swimswet says:

    for brucaX10 You should subtract about 8 points for silliness. Acting like some great Socratic muse is laughable, brucaX10-8 = brucaX2!

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