Dolores Cannon: The Mayan Calendar, 2012 and 5D Earth

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25 Responses to “Dolores Cannon: The Mayan Calendar, 2012 and 5D Earth”

  • Mysticca1988 says:

    So that’s why I’m feeling nauseous and have thick ankles while I’m not pregnant?

  • Benggan33 says:

    Where does these people get this shit from?

  • Hollywoodsights says:

    Check out our practical test of the Canon 5d Mark ii on our channel!

  • MacabreHeritage says:


  • guswalls2003 says:

    As a matter of fat I have got all the symptoms she described since back 2008. I’m feeling like some energetic change is happening to me, or I’m simply getting sick, I’m not sure about it.

  • TruthofDilly says:

    Dolores you’re truly brilliant!

  • sdearinger says:

    ok- all christians are fools and you are brilliant- have a good day… peace..

  • purplehaze0120 says:

    And Dolores Cannon is probably full of shit, I didn’t even watch this whole video. I just can’t stand the pomp and arrogance of people throwing Jesus in someone’s face when they don’t even understand his teachings. I know for a fact that you know very little about Christianity’s roots and the real history of the Christ figure. Dying and rising in 3 days, virgin birth, wise men at the birth, walking on water, 12 apostles, all of these elements existed in stories predating Christ by centuries.

  • purplehaze0120 says:

    You’re a fool because you’ve spent your time and effort supporting casinos while at the same time claiming to adhere to the teachings of Christ

  • sdearinger says:

    and what the hell is skeptical science? lol
    I help others everyday- its the way to be
    peace be unto you all- i will not post here again- wait for 5d(which is impossible according to physics) check the real science…

  • sdearinger says:

    Um- I am not bashing science- just the stuff here substituting as such- I am an electronic technician- and an Electrician, I worked for Eaton Corps Ion beam systems division, as a foreman of a production line of video games, at a major casino repairing Slot machines- I have been a director of a small Astronomical Observatory, and the vice president of an astronomy club. I understand science- just don’t see any here. I’ve read the bible- I will let you have the last word- call me a fool again..

  • purplehaze0120 says:

    Yeah it’s obviously not the end, anyone who’s actually researched the Mayans knows that. And if you’re not a devout Christian then you’re a fool. You’re bashing science and skeptical thinking in defense of a system of beliefs that you won’t even fully stand behind. Jesus was clear in what he wanted you to do. No possessions, living to help others. Just saying that you think he’s God doesn’t do anything for anybody.

  • sdearinger says:

    I am not a devout christian- but I do Believe in God- Jesus had no problem with a guy feeding his family and making a living- he did preach some about greed and the rich- But I am far from rich my friend- just another dude trying to get by… What do you do for money?
    you do understand this is how all societies function? people being productive and feeding their families and even giving some extra to charity?
    A new Mayan discovery was just made in Guatemala- 2012 is not the end.
    Peace friend…

  • purplehaze0120 says:

    It’s kind of gross how you mention Jesus being your God and your heart telling you to “make money” in the same sentence. I’m not a Christian but even I understand and respect Jesus more than that

  • jonafromwales says:

    god what god are we talking about? I believe we are infinite being and not creatred by anything and that we have always been. There are creators/a god of a universe like this one Jesus if you will.

    But believe what you want to believe it’s your choice.

  • sdearinger says:

    There is a lot of scientific evidence to support intelligent design and and a lot of history showing Jesus was real and walked this earth- where as this Mayan calender end of the world stuff is just wrong- and if you knew physics at all -gravitational balance of orbits are only possible in a 3 d universe- any more or less dimensions result in earth’s destruction -but the real test is this matter is time- 2013 will roll in same as 2012, and things will remain the same- live a good life…

  • Hotguy078 says:

    let me ask you what science is behind religion??

  • sdearinger says:

    my heart tells me to go to work- make money- live the best life possible- and accept God and Jesus Christ as the way to everlasting life- you people will be surely disappointed as there is no science behind your beliefs- and very little history- The Mayan calender simply rolls over and starts again this year- means nothing else- no hate- Love you all- just trying to help you grow up….


    its already happening,,,,follow yr heart?

  • ObsessorProcessor says:

    Looking forward to it

  • TheUmustbejoking says:

    edwardrice dot  com/multidimensionality

  • TheUmustbejoking says:

    That may the current outlook that “not everyone will go” yet it is still possible for everyone to go if we all help each other Now Right? I’ve gotta feeling that’s the way it works but Perhaps I am wrong, still What a Fun Aspiration for all of Us :)

  • Cloudy011 says:

    Thank You for saying that. I told ppl all my life I am not going to die, Just couldnt see it- and I have been involved in extreme sports of flying and jumping.

  • Cloudy011 says:

    Amazing some of the hate full comments here, but then we are use to it * I be glad to get off and out of their sorry painful way of life,, I find rich and doing well ppl dont want nothing to change,,cracks me up!

  • The7thCircuit says:

    yep , since the early years man glad I’m not the only one

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