Dhammapada Verse One: Mind Precedes All Things

Manopubbaṅgamā dhammā, manoseṭṭhā manomayā; manasā ce paduṭṭhena, bhāsati vā karoti vā, tato naṃ dukkhamanveti, cakkaṃva vahato padaṃ. Video #1 іח mу series οח tһе Dhammapada, a set οf verse teachings οf tһе Buddha, including explanation οf tһе Pali verse, a synopsis οf tһе background ѕtοrу аחԁ application οf tһе teaching tο ουr practice. Fοr more information tһе dhammapada: www.buddhanet.net ————————————————————— Please submit qυеѕtіοחѕ tο: аѕk.sirimangalo.org Subscribe fοr updates here: www.youtube.com anddon’t forget tο click tһе “Ɩіkе″ button tο һеƖр promote tһеѕе videos! Thanks everyone fοr уουr qυеѕtіοחѕ, comments аחԁ support fοr wһаt I ԁο. Mау аƖƖ beings bе һарру. ————————————————————— Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Google: www.google.com Weblog: yuttadhammo.sirimangalo.org Schedule: yuttadhammo.sirimangalo.org Audio Talks: yuttadhammo.sirimangalo.org Book οח Hοw Tο Meditate: yuttadhammo.sirimangalo.org Sirimangalo International (Oυr non-profit organization): www.sirimangalo.org Supporting Tһіѕ Work: www.sirimangalo.org

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25 Responses to “Dhammapada Verse One: Mind Precedes All Things”

  • 1001100110111 says:

    Thank You.

  • jayslowiak says:

    Or I think this analogy helped me to understand it which is as follows: If I were a soldier in a great battle holding an emplacement with a fellow soldier and was wounded and I knew their were no replacements and that this emplacement needed two men to hold it. I made a vow to hold it and not leave my brother to it himself which could cost his life or more then a medic came along and said we have to get you out of here or you’ll die.Choosing to stay is the right path,to think of something higher

  • jayslowiak says:

    Buddhism like many other things in life has as much to do with faith as anything else. If you understand the meaning of the story you understand that his vow and his true path meant more to him than his physical body. I think a person that can make this sacrifice to attain enlightenment and truth is the purest of people , because he made the vow he remained truthful to the vow making the ultimate sacrifice. Had he gotten sick before he made the vow he could have taken the medicine

  • peterantonio1986 says:

    My first time hearing this verse. Thank you for taking the time to teach so many people. I cannot thank you enough for all your videos. Please do continue.


  • princekakarot7 says:

    thank you very much bhikku..i would love to know and understand more about dhammapada…please continue with videos! :)

  • Indika007 says:

    Meditation not all about buddhism. Actually Buddhism is understanding of four noble truth. Forget about the stories start from here…

  • rachgoesviral says:

    Thank you so much for this series of videos. It is exactly what I’m looking for. I have been reading the Dhammapada but my lack of knowledge of the context had limited my understanding. This has helped me greatly. Your teachings have inspired me to develope a daily meditation routine and study the Buddha’s words in depth. Thank you. All the best to you.

  • majorkoo says:

    Satu Satu Satu _/_

  • JrDiNisi says:

    What of the Sutta where Venerable Sona strove very hard and decided to quit, but the Buddha asked him about what he had done in his past, that he was a lute player, then the buddha taught about the string being too loose or too tight, but just right, the middle way, the string plays best.

  • JrDiNisi says:

    My question is this.. Is the Dhamma not following the middle way? and is not sleeping and allowing your body to be destroyed something Gotama tried for many years only to abandon?

    I understand that it is good the monk did not have any attachment to his sight, however I don’t see how practicing with extreme measures would be really helpful.

  • prideandjoy21 says:

    what is an impure heart?

  • jbearden says:

    You may do something that many consider to be “good”. But, if mind is not pure, this act brings us nothing but troubles. Troubles, that have not even been yet born, arise and follow the impure mind.

  • Yesica1993 says:

    Absolutely right. If there is no evidence for something, then why should we choose to believe it?

  • tblong83 says:


  • Juanster23 says:

    That tale of the monk who lost his eyes reminds me of a story that Ajahn Chah spoke of. One time in the forest a storm came and the strong winds destroyed the roof of a kuti one of the monks was staying in. After a few days Ajahn Chah noticed the monk had not repaired the roof. When he asked the monk why he hadn’t done anything about the roof, the monk replied that he was practicing not clinging to the roof. Ajahn Chah goes on to say that that monk is practicing not clinging but without wisdom.

  • Bakmoon says:

    I think I should tell you that the stories are not actually a part of the Dhammapada proper. The stories are detailed in the commentary on the Dhammapada, which was written about a thousand years later. If you don’t like the stories, you don’t have to accept them as the words of the Buddha. I personally look at the stories as something like parables, or aesops fables. Their purpose is to teach and inspire, not to record historical events.

  • TheAncientCelt says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us all

  • mh3slayer says:

    it is wrong to kill i believe but I was taught if it was defending yourself it is a exception

  • ANGELIZ333 says:

    Hi Yuttadhammo, I know is no good to kill, but I have a silly question, how do I overcame my fear of insects? some freaks me out :S

  • ANGELIZ333 says:

    Thanks Yuttadhammo, your videos are great as always :)

  • BoomDoneNext says:

    So then it is the intent that is the most important when karma is involved??? Something like that?

  • chanitra1 says:

    after meditation for long time you will know that how good for yourmind.. and some amazing be with you very nice …… and all good nobody can tell about that without your…. hope your going for teach perople and telling them for meditation naka KrobKrun Pra Ar Jan Yuttadhammo .. sathu anumothami …
    Chada thailand

  • chanitra1 says:

    after meditation for long time you will know that how good for yourmind.. and some amazing be with you very nice …… and all good nobody can tell about that without your…. hope your going for teach perople and telling them for meditation naka KrobKrun Pra Ar Jan Yuttadhammo .. sathu anumothami …
    Chada thailand

  • MysticOfTheSands says:

    Meditation helps deal with the mind, and to a certain extent, on a psycho-somatic basis, with the body (keeps blood preasure and digestive processes in order–provided you do not suffer from pathogenic influences–, has certain positive effects on the brain related to stress resistance etc. But by no means is it some sort of magical panacea. If you have a medical problem, go to the doctor, in all confidence :)

  • jesshurun says:

    “I feel that buddhism, like many religions, is full of dubious stories” Buddhism will tell you this stories for you to apply them to your life in your own way challenge it and even make it better. Stories from the bible want to be applied as “ABSOLUTE TRUTHS” so therefor those religious figures WILL NOT let you challenge them. Big Difference if you ask me

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