Daily Zen – Intro to Mindfulness Meditation – How to Meditate

Subscribe fοr more: http://www.thehealthygamer.com/sub Tһіѕ іѕ a simple introduction tο mindfulness meditation аחԁ һοw tο meditate. Take tһе challenge tο med…

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22 Responses to “Daily Zen – Intro to Mindfulness Meditation – How to Meditate”

  • Nzr0Time says:

    Actually it is pretty relaxing.
    When im focusing on breathing,I don’t think about anything else,and that’s what i like about it,and as i understood it is the main point of meditation,don’t think about anything.
    Thanks alot

  • supermariiio says:

    I also like Qigong but mostly Tai Chi. Btw the main reason i wanted to comment is that i found ur voice actually calming and safe during this video! I like this meditation i think it’s a good idea to try it out for 21 days. Nice to have found ur channel yesterday! i love the idea of healthy gaming. I myself got into the health thing last year, but i’ve loved gaming since i was 9. I’ve been skinny most of my lifetime but i’ve been gaining Health since 2012 ;) it really was a special yaer, 2012 <3

  • ImaRamblingman says:

    Hey, I started last year with fitness regime which I’ve been doing at home. Although it’s been hard changing my lifestyle to fit it in. I haven’t been able to keep it up consistently due to illness, but have got back into it as soon as I was able. I also started climbing last year which is great and keeps me active. And most recently I’ve stopped consuming as much alcohol and started thinking more about what I’m putting in my body. I’ve lost about a stone of weight, but have also gained muscle.

  • cloudotaku says:

    Cheers dude

  • Acidslash says:

    This is an amazing video, Jack. Thanks for putting out so much high quality and varied content. Your channel is my absolute favourite.

  • HappyJacksChannel says:

    I actually haven’t read many books on meditation. It’s been a thing I’ve “winged” if you will. If you google “I am heart” and get on their mailing list they send out a lot of interesting articles. Other then that I’d say just start doing it. Meditation really is very simple and not a thing you can do “wrong”.

  • HappyJacksChannel says:

    That’s fantastic and makes all of this worth it :) What are the things you’ve been doing to live healthier?

  • aedean says:

    Hey Jack, love the videos. Can you recommend any other videos or books for meditation? When do you meditate?

  • ImaRamblingman says:

    Just to let you know dude, you’ve been inspiring me to lead a healthier life and get fit again. You and a few other youtubers. Your videos are great and I love your positive outlook. Keep it up!

  • Jules G says:

    Did the deep breathing thing for about 2min while watching and wow almost felt a slight of high/tipsy feeling is this normal?:|

  • unit5012 says:

    Liked. Awesome video!!

  • MascisMan1 says:


  • darthripto . says:

    10 minutes in the morning, and 20 minutes before bed daily.

  • HappyJacksChannel says:

    How often do you practice QiGong? I did it for about 2 months last year, enjoyed it, but found the time-constraint of it not to my liking. It’s hard to sink an hour+ into something a few days a week.

  • TheSwayzeTrain says:

    I thought it was great, Ive always been curious about mediation. Ill keep it up for the next 21 days. Thanks.

  • darthripto . says:

    Amazing Video, I personally like to practice Qigong.

  • Jeremy Heil says:

    Awesome videos Jack.

  • HappyJacksChannel says:

    Let me know what you thought of the meditation!

  • TheMjHellas says:

    Thank you very much for leading the way to a healthier life !Greetings from far away Athens Greece.

  • Nzr0Time says:

    thanks alot,i will try

  • stigblue says:

    fav’d :) 

  • Nathanhomer says:

    Woot been looking forward to this vid

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