Binaural Beats for High Mental Activity | Gamma Waves

Binaural Beats High gamma binaural beats аrе associated wіtһ high mental activity. Ideally wһеח wе аrе actively аחԁ deeply focused οח task οr during meditation, ουr brain generates frequency higher tһаח normal (between 25-100 Hz).

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25 Responses to “Binaural Beats for High Mental Activity | Gamma Waves”

  • fallenaspen1 says:

    sound creates form, and as the frequncy changed so did my heart beat, and I could feel the vibration of me (my body) change as well, if you have ever heard of Johnathan Goldman,or Gregg Braden they explains how. must see

  • Adam Teasdale says:

    it is a high it is normal. it is ok

  • CallMeKell2 says:

    omg i freaked out at 2:52 I had to stop it D:

  • LaGhash says:

    WOW…me too. I feel so emotional and sexual listening to this, it’s amazing. I decided to write stream of consciousness poetry at the same time as listening x

  • aNg3L3456 says:

    Wtf I’m trying to activate pineal gland

  • Peabody6517 says:

    these mandalas are nice

  • EVAMARILLA says:

    I swear I just thought it was another meditation video…honestly my head started to feel really weird as if it was a giant balloon…simply amazing

  • WhenxChristxReturnsx says:

    My forehead feels strangely warm.

  • paigeybabywagey says:

    Woow my right eye just watered like crazy

  • iDonate15 says:

    head ache lol

  • Deni Pavošević says:

    hahahahahahahaha u are high but too much _D

  • aee6317 says:

    This is going to sound weird but I felt as though I connected with a higher source. I was lying outside in my hammock, and about 5 mins in, I started feeling a calming presence surround me. My eyes were closed the entire time but I could feel it around me. Out of nowhere a soft breeze came up. It felt so nice :) thanks for posting.

  • skyebek says:

    Yep, tuned in! Very cool!! Thanks a lot!!!

  • RioDreaming says:


  • amnerislopez says:

    I fell asleep halfway through the video and didn’t realize it until my musical screen saver scared the crap out of me!

  • Spigrobolo77 says:

    my eyes started watering to… wierd

  • yungrizzle89 says:


  • MonkeeHD says:

    I feel sick :/ like my head is really dizzy ad I feel like I’m about to puke :(

  • Alexaner Marinkovic says:

    well becuase this allows your sub concious to work like your regular concious and it allows your spirit form to come to the forefront.

  • amirul2596 says:

    why am i crying

  • ciaobellakate says:

    This was great. I felt myself really being able to focus and I was able to just lie down and relax without squirming to get comfortable. Brainwave audio really works. If I need to relax, I listen to Theta waves. By listening to Delta Waves, I go into a really deep long sleep.

  • lottlolipop says:

    It made me feel high for a second but then I wanted to throw up…I did.

  • elprotector2 says:

    this works thanks

  • ronald kennedy says:

    NO! I’ve been listening to binaural beats for nearly two years. i.e September 2010. Whenever I’m surfing the web i listen to binaural beats in the background. I know it makes me feel better moving from the Beta brainwave to the Alpha wave.

  • blackeroni says:

    using this video?

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