Bill hicks- The Message

Tһе message bill hicks wanted tһе world tο hear…. a message аbουt peace, Ɩονе, аחԁ comedy.

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25 Responses to “Bill hicks- The Message”

  • Bob Dylan says:

    if you understood bill hicks’ message, and really knew what he was all about, then go to truthcontest,com and click “The Present”.

  • pur3k0 says:

    who are you talking about.

  • Justin Llewellyn Holloway says:


  • petebennett14 says:

    LOVE THE SUBLIME 40oz TO FREEDOM SUN AT 3:26…its funny you often find that people who are really into one thing the same as you, often have a lot of other similarities with you….we are on the same wave length people…bill hicks knew

  • wwwonderful says:

    there’s nothing more boring than a religion-drunk American

  • Seth MacLaren says:

    they know 

  • batman66ism says:

    row your boat i have not heard that song in years it makes sence now like esther abraham hicks about the stream go gently

  • Jiddu Krishna says:

    If you seek the truth like Bill, go to truthcontest,com and click “The Present.” Time to take the path of love, and not the path of fear.

  • fanan uchiha says:

    or even alex-paranoia-jones,or david lizard-ike for the ones that think they thinking wile watching this 2conter informers:)

  • glasspig says:

    what is the name of the show this bit was taken??

  • DinjenPolevaulter says:

    They always kill those who speak truth. But if you want another 8 hours of American Gladiator…no problem.

  • fanan uchiha says:

    he wouldn’t survive that mutch bullshit,the moment people belive that he probably would laughf to death…r.i.p.

  • MikeGaraz says:

    whats the name of the first picture and the one at 5:44. Patient Howard drew that when he underwent his “mental oddessey” so he called it.

  • DinjenPolevaulter says:

    If only Bill had been around to see 9/11. 

  • wasted alien says:

    row row row ya boat …… Life is but a dream!!! funny how you’ve lived with that all your life then all of a sudden it has a total new meaning. All of those lil song/poem like things have hidden (sometimes sick i.e ‘ring a ring a rosy’ about the plague) meaning.

  • Shroctopus says:

    A catfish? lol.

  • sealight78 says:

    that was a fish.

  • KISSarmyist says:

    Bill Hicks didn’t die. He just left his physical body.

  • dasan50 says:

    Hey you know about the reptilian brain also, could you explain to me more about the female/right side of the brain? if you have any more info?

  • schumcuk boner says:

    the shrooms locked him or any1 who takes them, into their right brain, and out of the R complex (reptillian complex) and he started to see things as they are. humans used to be able to see them w/out drugs. he was just STARTING to see things as they could be. we could change the world folks (not with drugs, do not misunderstand) by choosing eternal love and not the hatred that we all see today. when you go to work/outside today, count how many signs you see that say “stop” “no this/that” amazing

  • Shroctopus says:

    yes my friend i know this already life is just a dream controlled by your own thoughts

  • hurryup slowdown says:

    Certain outlooks think that the ones in power(illuminati/ones behind the curtain) keep us separated and full of hate and fear so we cant enter into a higher level and become one as a race.. School and TV tells people what to think and buy.. Most people have their minds made up and are so closed minded that they laugh at you when you try to tell them somrthing new.. I just always start with the fact that the first guy who figured out the world is round was called crazy and burned at the stake!!

  • Samantha July says:

    I think the world is getting ready for a revolution of having the power being returned to the people, like with the “Occupy” movement. But I still think we’re not ready yet for a deeper revolution, one where we have this type of mind Bill Hicks is describing here. We’re still very skeptical with the idea of souls and unity. I think we’ll be able to reach this level of consciousness after the enormous greed of the 1% has been destroyed, and then be able to evolve mentally from there.

  • wozza610 says:

    Yeah it’s definitely supposed to be relating to the 3rd eye being opened, but as our friend a few comments below stated, when Bill says he’s turning into a fish, the picture shown is a cat. So perhaps just some poorly chosen pictures.

    Addendum: The idea behind oneness is that we are all equal and part of each other, however that isn’t possible while the “illuminati” are present, if you believe in that sort of thing. So perhaps the pictures are related to that side of Bill’s beliefs.

  • mortonmustang23 says:

    I tell myself every day “I wish he was still alive”

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