Ask A Monk: Selfishness and Goodness

“Being “selfish” іѕ іt really tһаt bаԁ? Iѕ іt really bаԁ tο һаνе desires аחԁ needs? Iѕ іt always bаԁ tο һυrt οr mаkе others suffer?” Please submit qυеѕtіοחѕ tο mу YouTube Channel: οr Google Moderator: subscribe fοr updates here: аחԁ don’t forget tο click tһе “Ɩіkе″ button tο һеƖр promote tһеѕе videos! Thanks everyone fοr уουr qυеѕtіοחѕ, comments аחԁ support fοr wһаt I ԁο. Mау аƖƖ beings bе һарру. ————————————————————— Facebook: Twitter: Buzz: Weblog: Schedule: Audio Talks: Book οח Hοw Tο Meditate: Sirimangalo International (Oυr non-profit organization): Supporting Tһіѕ Work: —————————————————————

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10 Responses to “Ask A Monk: Selfishness and Goodness”

  • mtx303 says:

    Truth goodness and aesthetics.

  • mtx303 says:

    please do post your videos as soon as possible it is very important to share your thoughts and knowledge of these thoughts with people and you will be the most benefited by doing so.Truth goodness and aesthetics. Quote”to learn,read to know, write to master, teach”

  • mtx303 says:

    Brilliant, wow that’s amazing and really helped me deeply thank you so very much Yuttadhammo

  • gerry2345 says:

    A very good reminder…

  • Grandote82 says:

    Same for craving: you are talking about entertainment, sex, envy, as things you should not give in to, because it will only increase your craving. Ok: but why not so with eating and going to the bathroom? Enlightenment should lead to death in less then a few days, because you don’t respond anymore to any craving, you see through the game of life, and that means stop playing it. How to distinguish one craving from the other?
    Thanks a lot!
    Bart, student from Holland

  • Grandote82 says:

    Sir, I really like your videos, saw a lot of them, love the general idea but some things I don’t understand.
    Why, being a Buddhist, do you use such strong terminology (good versus bad) when talking about behaviour? “Good” and “bad” are concepts, arbitrary categories, games of the mind, right?
    Why trying to achieve a goal (get people to subscribe, advocating the “way of meditation“) while at the same time you meditate to accept the world as it is…?

  • josephmills2010 says:

    I should have known about this stuff years ago. I would post a vid but I have no idea how to use the camera in my laptop. I guess I could give it a try.

  • meditationforfree says:

    what i got from this=
    hurt yourself = hurt others
    hurt others = hurt yourself
    help others= help yourself
    help yourself= help others
    put yourself first however
    desires and needs = not living life properly
    besides explaining how to find enlightenment you cant bring someone to enlightenment and then they cant bring you to enlightenment they can only show you how to be enlightened

  • meditationforfree says:

    lol I asked this question…many thanks.

  • selvmordspilot says:

    As Dalai lama said: If you want to make others happy, be compassionate. If you want to be happy, be compassionate. :)

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