Appalachian Spring

Appalachian Spring, composed bу Aaron Copland Tһіѕ piece wаѕ inspired bу tһе shaker’s hymn, “Simple Gifts”: “Tіѕ tһе gift tο bе simple, ‘tіѕ tһе gift tο bе free, ‘Tіѕ tһе gift tο come down wһеrе wе ought tο bе, Aחԁ wһеח wе find ourselves іח tһе рƖасе јυѕt rіɡһt, ‘Twill bе іח tһе valley οf Ɩονе аחԁ delight. Wһеח trυе simplicity іѕ gain’d, Tο bow аחԁ tο bend wе shan’t bе asham’d, Tο turn, turn wіƖƖ bе ουr delight, Till bу turning, turning wе come round rіɡһt.”

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23 Responses to “Appalachian Spring”

  • heartdyedpurple says:

    Maybe he’s used to the 36 minute version? That’s the version I have. So I’m sorta scratching my head at the shortness of this version as well

  • james beaumont says:

    2:50 – 3:17, EPIC <3

  • james beaumont says:


  • 9GuineaPig9 says:

    Trombone FTW!!! Hey bro! Good to see another family member!

  • Barry Eisenberg says:

    I needed to hear this this morning. Just feeling a bit under the weather and blue about all the work I’ve taken on in social activism, you know, overwhelmed. Hearing this favorite helps me center.

  • Tommy Chafe says:

    This is not the original version. This as been adapted for full orchestra. The original has 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 2 basses, one oboe, one flute and one bassoon.

  • RoyalDukeJam says:

    I didn’t change a thing! What you hear is what you get. Now, enlighten me, how is this ruined?

  • JackinTheWoods says:

    Wow you really changed this tune, congrats, you ruined it

  • AndrewChan84 says:

    Doesn’t compare to Mozart, Dvorak, Bach, Hans Zimmer or Yo Yo Ma’s Goat Rodeo band.

    Sound more like a nationalistic, militaristic theme with a tinge of conscription which says “we’re the good guys, and there the bad guys”, IMH-fucking-O. Maybe it’s a patriotic theme for WW2… Or maybe I hate hypocrisy so much that I have an overly acute sense…….

    And the fact that I might be indicted for filming a stupid fountain performance on Las Vegas Blvd which has a copyrighted “classical” piece…

  • crazitaco says:

    2:52 so grandioso *-* beautiful

  • Manuel Renteria says:

    i get to play this as a senior. i play the trumpet duet with the trombone.

  • debfan74 says:

    I got to play this in band, we marched to this not once but twice…I played it first in my freshman year as a trumpet player and in my senior year I played French Horn/Mellophone

  • Manuel Renteria says:

    ah playing this for our feild show this year, and i get the trumpet/ trombone duet.

  • StanVideo123 says:

    Beautiful rendition of “Simple Gifts.”. I recorded and today uploaded this Shaker hymn – sung a cappella by gospel singer Jeanie Mummert.

  • whitechocolate402 says:

    Lakota west firebirds played this two years ago

  • Darkmetalightning13 says:

    i m playing and marching something like this but even cooler for my AA marching band the nome of the band is lakota east marching thunderhawks

  • NeluThat70sKid says:

    BEAUTIFUL, I first heard this on the PBS kids’ show “Shining Time Station” (with Ringo Starr) back in 1990. It was a Christmas episode which also guest starred the late Lloyd Bridges. Even though I didn’t know it had a name or a title, I had thought it was a recent compositon, it was also sung by a little girl of either 10 or 12 at the time, whose rendition was SO lovely, so sweet :-)

  • doochicka says:

    this song should replace Americas anthem on the epic freedom awesomeness scale that is this song :)

  • insanerunner02 says:

    My band marched to this song along with Promise of Living for our 2011-2012 show. It turned out absolutely amazing. I wish your band all the best luck with this wonderful American music. :)

  • Hawkeyes907 says:

    I’m not traditionally a classical music fan, although I play in an orchestra, however this is one of my favorite pieces of music of all time.

  • ffrmaster34 says:

    It’s actually and odd rule that they have the simplest time, for the most part, learning double reeds.

  • ConservativeAnthem says:

    Aaron Gropeland was an American original…

  • bleep196 says:

    There are two “classical” classifications, the classical you are thinking of is the Classical with the big C, lower case classical is used to refer to most symphonic style pieces.

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