Alpha Binaural Beats – Chakra Balancing Root to Crown

Download tһіѕ high quality MP3 audio FREE аt: Tһіѕ audio uses binaural beats wіtһ background music tο induce brain wave entrainment fοr Chakra Balancing. Standard concert A tuning = 440Hz Chakra Healing A tuning = 432Hz Tһіѕ audio uses tһе following frequencies: Left Ear | Rіɡһt Ear | Chakra 1st tone іѕ 228Hz 236Hz Root 2nd tone іѕ 303Hz 311Hz Sacral 3rd tone іѕ 182Hz 190Hz Solar Plexus 4th tone іѕ 256Hz 264Hz Heart 5th tone іѕ 192Hz 200Hz Throat 6th tone іѕ 144Hz 152Hz Third Eye 7th tone іѕ 432Hz 440Hz Crown Fοr best results: Sit іח a comfortable position аחԁ play tһе video frοm ѕtаrt tο fіחіѕһ. Yου mау υѕе tһіѕ video tο enchance meditation. See tһе following video fοr аח explanation: Free BInaural Beats

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24 Responses to “Alpha Binaural Beats – Chakra Balancing Root to Crown”

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    Noticing different physical reactions isn’t uncommon while your chakras or balancing. Turning on the AC to help you be at a comfortable temperature is a good idea! You definitely CAN do other things with listening to this and it will still be effective, however I do believe it is more effective while doing breath meditation. Namaste.

  • MrArgesanu says:

    I started sweating .. is it a normal reaction? or it just got too hot in the room and should turn the AC ?:) can I / should I do other works during listening ?
    Thanks ! anyway. I feel more relieved now :)

  • kevchangu says:

    It hurts because the blockage of your crown/pineal gland is being removed.

  • Alexis Daffinson says:

    Is it normal for your head to hurt? It’s kinda like a headache-ish feeling. Nevertheless, I’m glad I found this video(: I have been looking for something simple to heal/activate my chakras. Also, do you have to be in a trance while listening? Or can you just listen and do something else, like for example Sudoku? lol

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    Thank you for your comment, and thank you for catching the typo. You are correct that 303Hz 311Hz should be listed Sacral! I have made the changes. Good catch!

    It is very interesting to hear responses to this video, it seems most people feel way more from this in their upper chakras, I believe this is because most of us already have activated lower chakras. Many Blessings Be With You!
    Kind regards!

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    You Are Welcome! Namaste.

  • saranirose says:

    i’m feel in my own center.. Thank you for sharing this..Peace

  • MsGalaxy9 says:

    Thank You So Much for this upload !

    I felt energy moving in my throat throughout most of the video, while the third eye area was also feeling some energy movement not just at the third eye tone. Wonder why this happened.

    In the description; the sacral chakra (tone) is missing; was this some mistake? Should 303Hz 311Hz have been listed as sacral chakra tone ?


  • thehype04 says:

    these really do work :O

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    Thank you for the nice comment, I am glad this video has helped you. Even becoming aware of the ego is a great step forward. The egos attachment to who I am can be the hardest thing to separate attachment from, when we can learn to do this, we are truly free! :) Namaste

  • bey0ndd says:

    Thank you for this upload. Seems I have held in a lot of what appears to label as “ego” for a very, very long time and this guided me to release it all.

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    Thank you, I will be releasing several more “Ambient Soundscape” sessions over the next few weeks! Namaste.

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    The volume isn’t of Major importance. You simply want to listen to this at a comfortable level in your headphones. Too loud is not necessarily better. I have a macbook pro and only have it turned up 3 notches out of 16. I find this level suitable for me! Hope this helps. Kind regards and many blessings.

  • sartte says:

    how loud does this need to be?

  • 08Stella says:

    Thank you. Yes, I was serious. I didn’t know. Today you learn, tomorrow you teach. EACH ONE TEACH ONE. :) )) xxx

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    Check the info for a link to download! Positive feedback is always very appreciated. I am glad it is effective for you!

  • pablonaydon says:

    Lovely! ;) 

  • fillllllllllllllll says:

    are you serious? that is one of the most famous words in spirituality .. search for the OM

  • fillllllllllllllll says:

    free-binaural-beats . com /links /chakrabinaural.mp3

  • fillllllllllllllll says:

    yes, from their page

  • gypsyv33 says:

    hey, really like it. its making me pulsate and vibrate where needed , would be great to listen to on the subway. anyway it can be downloaded? thanx!

  • Gemin9ne says:


  • 08Stella says:

    What does that blue ‘30′ sign mean on both sides please? xxxxx

  • AudioEntrainment says:

    Glad You Enjoyed!

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