Alan Watts – The Silent Mind (PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE series)

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24 Responses to “Alan Watts – The Silent Mind (PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE series)”

  • manifestationofIT says:

    it teaches you not to think linearly through the limitations of your pre-programed ego-filter.

  • bornneya says:

    The reason that you like Alan Watts more than Wilber is just a part of the universe.

  • Sleipnir1971 says:

    As Alan Watts roughly said in some talk ‘there is no bigger ego-trip than losing the ego’ (or thinking you’ve lost the ego) … followed by that Alan Watts laugh

  • richardhehd says:

    Carbon Based Lifeforms plays in the background as I watch this.

  • AxCxfortheWin says:

    He’s meditation teaching has done wonders for me. I’ve had many teachers try to tell me how to meditate and I always got distracted instead of just being.

  • starxsputnik says:


  • PrimaryQuanta says:

    “intrinsically unwise”…? you’re trying to hard here bro. wilber is a psychologist, if you had a psych degree, you’d know diagrams like his and like the ones he has adapted from other researchers, can be extremely helpful in representing ideas or concepts in a visual format, especially if one is a predominantly visual learner. they’re just pointers, signposts to what’s actually going on. and no one compiles evidence and peer-reviewed research to support his claims like wilber does

  • PrimaryQuanta says:

    the comment i responded to wasn’t asking for a modest philosopher, he wants the truth. watts wouldn’t even identify with being zen. i love the guy but watts was also an adulterer, you’re making him seem like some perfect saint. sorry bro but it takes an ego to cheat on the woman you married.
    i’ve read several of wilber’s books and never seen him say “i’m enlightened” or “i’m above” so could you seriously send me a video or link of him saying that?

  • sparklyjbug says:

    Watch it with captions on - it’s total gibberish.

  • mikecccc987 says:

    I like Alan Watts much more than I like Ken Wilber.
    Watts is more modest, more zen. He never says “I am above” or “I know the truth” or “I am enlightened. It is obvious that he is just voicing his observations as a subjective being, and they happen to be so insightful as to ring in beautiful wisdom.
    But Wilber has a much bloated ego, so far as to say “I am enlightened”, automatically separating himself from his audience. He also forces reality into diagrams that seem intrinsically unwise.

  • georgegrenhaa says:

    It makes me just think about not thinking….

  • RajaDjinn says:

    The senses are the five robbers.
    Separate self is the lifeless desert & the great illusion.
    The brain correlates, creating metaphor from memory; mere reflection.
    Only reacting and replying, it is yesterday’s news by nature & function.
    Listening inward, search to percieve
    Dharma in the silence between thoughts.
    Abiding in the tan ti’en, dreaming beyond time, realization is attained.

    Alan gives 2,5-diethylamide lysergic acid a good name.
    Alan would have liked Guy Richie’s movie “Revolver”.

  • ShaolinIronLeg says:


  • pisces v says:


  • aSkepticalTruth says:

    How do you spell the type of meditation @ 2:48? Guan?

  • alienfetusllc says:

    ahha thank you for this comment haha

  • PrimaryQuanta says:

    thanks, that’s incredible

  • freeadplanet says:

    59 and 1960

  • PrimaryQuanta says:

    you need to read some ken wilber then. he is basically 21st century alan watts, and is slowly making his way more into the mainstream, only because this information is obviously undeniable.

  • PrimaryQuanta says:

    when was this filmed?

  • nickaus711 says:

    such old sounds

  • k1llk1ngph30n1x says:

    answer my question and you will answer your own. :)

  • falmeida1988 says:

    how would we have access to this if it weren’t for youtube? there are his books of course but youtube has made it so much easier.

  • falmeida1988 says:

    if you say so =)

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