Alan Watts The Real Four Noble Truths Part 1/2

Alan Watts Speaks Enter Here:

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25 Responses to “Alan Watts The Real Four Noble Truths Part 1/2”

  • 7moonbear says:

    You are really impossible and trash talker! No wonder why you have been flagged as spam whenever you left messages on every single Buddhism site you accessed.

  • 19Aries91 says:

    … while I certainly don’t discredit a “flash of Enlightenment” (as there must be a single moment at which Enlightenment is achieved), I don’t believe it is forever. Even the Buddha meditated three times a day (if I’m not mistaken). True perfection, I would contend thus far, is achieved by effort piled upon effort.

  • 19Aries91 says:

    Perfectly as you are. But to be enlightened & to yet harbor desire, I must contend is mutually exclusive. And uprooting desire, the “initial” link in the chain of samsaric kamma, is no easy task. Of course, one cannot try so hard as to make their efforts counter-productive, i.e. asceticism. But of course, that is why we have the Middle Way. I hesitate to speak of Enlightenment ( of course because of the limits of language & subsequent confusion), but…

  • 19Aries91 says:

    So to do this, he gained insight into & properly understood the 3 marks of existence & laid out what we call the Four Noble Truths. So what is the best way to live to cut off one’s chain of kamma & end suffering? This is what the 8-Fold path was created for. Because one cannot be said to be truly Enlightened if one still brings suffering to another being, or if one is lazy or greedy. I will agree that Enlightenment must be an understanding of being in the perfect place, at the perfect time…

  • 19Aries91 says:

    Well, of course there is no self. But conventionally, & for the sake of conversation, there will be.
    However, it would seem that your understanding is what is fundamentally called Zen. But, personally, I’ve so far found that to be circular logic, leading to what is ultimately fruitless for most people. Sure, Zen has it’s merit. But the 8-Fold path was laid out by the Buddha himself. Because more specifically, the Buddha was not “searching for Enlightenment”, but for “an end to suffering”.

  • MrWrongevolution says:

    The reason of Gautama death was eating poison mushroom. ==> Gautama was suicide . Gautama was a loser.
    Gautama became a Buddha at age 35. How many Buddhist monk does become Buddha at 40? What is special things people could do after become alive Buddha? Please, show me one alive Buddha.
    Buddhism is man made. Please. don’t be fool by Buddhist clergy. Buddhism is big liar. Fake.

  • noncontradiction says:

    Who is it who is desiring not to desire? We seem to have very different ideas regarding the Buddhas fundamental insight. My understanding is that he realized the essential futility in searching for enlightenment, and thus attained it. I think this since that Nirvana can be attained if you only meditate and follow the noble 8-fold path was a dogma arouse following the Buddhas teachings simply because people needed something to do. Something to keep them busy, until they were ready.

  • 19Aries91 says:

    But it isn’t futile. Looking to the historical account of the Buddha, that’s exactly what he had to do & did. Enlightenment cannot be found wherever desire is found.

  • noncontradiction says:

    And this is done mainly to proof how futile the flight from desire is. Partly its to give people something to do, but mainly its just fools persisting in their folly.

  • 19Aries91 says:

    Except Buddhism, more precisely the Dhamma, has EVERYTHING to do with behaviour. Understanding is useless without application.

  • 19Aries91 says:

    Actually, unless you plan on continuing to be a lay person, being Buddhist, in the closest to original tradition, does require you to refrain from sex & drinking (or any intoxication). Because those acts are rooted in passion/desire—rooted in the key problem to samsaric existence. So, one must uproot desire & passion. No easy task when you surround yourself with worldly desires. Hence the need to remove yourself from those things.

  • noncontradiction says:

    Well, most Buddhists would agree with you. I don’t know where you got it that part of being a Buddhist means not having sex or not drinking. I would say those sorts of things are essential not only to being a human being, but also to understanding what the middle way is all about. As Watts mentions in this video, you won’t find anywhere in the Buddhist scriptures anything approaching what is set forth in the ten commandments of christianity. As he says, these are merely parts of a discourse.

  • Crebralassassin says:

    everything else.

  • Andy Rogynous says:

    You’re absolutely right, I don’t get it. I want to get it. What’s it about if not behavior?

  • MrWrongevolution says:

    Gautama or his disciples made him to become a god. Find out in the very early Buddhist text: Gautama walked seven steps right away after his birth with 1 hand pointed to the sky, another pointed to the ground and said: Myself, myself, myself. I am greatest for human worship. Gautama was human?
    What was pure teaching about karma, reincarnate, nirvana, next life of Buddhism? Bad Buddhists can become a animal in next life.
    Buddhists need to research more about true traditional original Buddhism.

  • Crebralassassin says:

    you don’t really “get” buddhism neuro, it has nothing to do with behaviour.

  • Crebralassassin says:

    I really wish he’d cut down on the lingo somewhat.

  • Geof Fryr says:

    I was and was not yesterday. Tomorrow I will not be and will be. Today I am a message on youtube.

  • drki11joy123 says:

    To be a Buddha is to not be a Buddha. Are any of you a and not Buddha yet?

  • heyassmanx says:

    So when I disadvantage someone else at my own advantage who is really getting the advantage?? lol

  • DaGrowed says:

    Don’t bother with Buddhists.
    Bother with Buddha.

    The Dhammapada is fantastic.

  • Andy Rogynous says:

    Misconceptions and conceptions alike are what have kept me from Buddhism. No violence? Cool. Getting over yourself? Cool. No self defense?? Not cool. No fucking?? Not cool. If Buddhists do practice celibacy, I can guarantee you that they wake up with a nice wet spot on their robe in the morning. Of course I feel that I am dead wrong about all of this. You must understand that human nature is sacred to me, but I don’t think it’s the only answer. I just feel there is a time and place for it.

  • aeapen says:

    Would have to rank Alan W as one of the most articulate, clearest thinking human beings of the modern era… Rod Serling also comes to mind.

  • 2Crystalight says:

    I enjoy everyone of his speeches and its amazes me how he acquired so much knowledge during his lifetme

  • Joseph De Vito says:

    I laughed my ass off. Literally. I had to pick my ass up from the floor and re attach it with crazy glue.


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