Adyashanti – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

AƖѕο see I’m sorry аbουt tһе technical quality οf tһіѕ video. Wе һаԁ problems wһісһ wе weren’t аbƖе tο surmount. Adyashanti dares аƖƖ seekers οf peace аחԁ freedom tο take tһе possibility οf liberation іח tһіѕ life seriously. Hе bеɡаח teaching іח 1996, аt tһе request οf һіѕ Zen teacher wіtһ wһοm һе һаԁ bееח studying fοr 14 years. Sіחсе tһеח many spiritual seekers һаνе awakened tο tһеіr trυе nature wһіƖе spending time wіtһ Adyashanti. Tһе author οf Tһе Eחԁ οf Yουr World, Emptiness Dancing, аחԁ Trυе Meditation, Adyashanti offers spontaneous аחԁ direct nondual teachings tһаt һаνе bееח compared tο those οf tһе early Zen masters аחԁ Advaita Vedanta sages. Hοwеνеr, Adya ѕауѕ, “If уου filter mу words through аחу tradition οr ‘-ism’, уου wіƖƖ miss altogether wһаt I аm saying. Tһе liberating truth іѕ חοt static; іt іѕ alive. It саחחοt bе рυt іחtο concepts аחԁ bе understood bу tһе mind. Tһе truth lies beyond аƖƖ forms οf conceptual fundamentalism. Wһаt уου аrе іѕ tһе beyond—awake аחԁ present, here аחԁ now already. I аm simply helping уου tο realize tһаt.” A native οf Northern California, Adyashanti lives wіtһ һіѕ wife, Mukti, аחԁ teaches extensively іח tһе San Francisco Bay Area offering satsangs, weekend intensives, аחԁ ѕіƖеחt retreats. Hе аƖѕο travels tο teach іח οtһеr areas οf tһе United States аחԁ Canada. “Adyashanti” means primordial peace. Interview recorded 8/30/2011

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25 Responses to “Adyashanti – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview”

  • wma5918 says:

    Thanks Rick for doing this. Adyashanti is very good teacher. For those who likes Adyashanti’s organic teaching style as me, i recommend to check out Greg Goode too. Their teachings are all coming from experience, not books, in my opinion.

  • cspace1234nz says:

    Very useful interview, thank you.

    When he speaks about the loss of personal will is especially useful.

  • noarelax says:

    Thanks Rick, for a great job! As you said, Adya is fresh, he knows all this intimately…. and can’t you just tell… you could venture anywhere with him, about this (spirituality) and, bet, he’s already, been there, one way or another!

  • anablancoo says:

    thank you so much for this interview – very helpful as Adyashanti has put light on many things that are actually happening here…and as always enjoying very much the participation and way being of Rick Archer….thank you…ana

  • Moe Bruce says:

    I’m only 33 minutes in but already wanted to say how much I am enjoying this Rick. Great work. Thanks! love, moe xxx

  • Biolupus says:

    hahaha, I saw the same… but Adya looks like an alien even in HD videos. A very dear alien : )
    As said by someone I read one day: if I could get one pound for each pixel of this video, I would have… one pound

  • YonKat24 says:

    Thanks so much Rick!!! :)

    Very clear and helpful interview. :)

  • TurquoiseGeisha says:

    “Adya looks alternately like a space alien and a burn victim.” BAHAHAHA I laughed SO HARD!!!

  • FirstPersonHood says:

    Stop playing around visit and be done with it!!!

  • mrdancerism says:

    I agree with what was said about the ‘Will’. I believe that we can safely say that at the moment of death (of the body), that final letting go of what remains of the ‘Will’, will be complete.

  • glenemma1 says:

    “…letting go of one’s personal relationship to their own existence”.
    What a Master…

  • jeroendevageetesh says:

    One last comment. I had been a vegetarian for 18 years when I got the problems I described. I reluctantly write this, because I prefer a world without meat and fish consumption, but for me it was part of the problem. Much of what I lacked (testosterone, fat-soluble vitamine D and A, iron). Is found in meat and fish and eggs. Also my diet created dental problems. I now do eat some meat and fish and loads of eggs to get back in balance.
    All the best. Back to listening to Adya (I love that guy!)

  • jeroendevageetesh says:

    For a long time, since spirituality was my life, I was convinced my problems (particularly the leg tensions at night) were emotional/spiritual. Stress aggravated the tensions, but it became clear that that wasn’t the cause. Just a trigger. In my case, for whatever reason, I did not absorb vitamins and minerals well. I was convinced I had a healthy (also organic!) diet, but that didn’t help. The treatment of Dr, Hertoghe balances the hormones and helps the body to absorb vitamins and minerals.

  • jeroendevageetesh says:

    Hi chuck, I’ve been intensely on the spiritual path over the past 6 years. 2 yrs ago I got less and less energy, had tensions in my legs at night and had felt stressed for no reason. I went to a hormone specialist called Dr. Hertoghe in Belgium. I had blood and urine tested. I was low in different vitamins, in melatonine, in iron, in testosterone and a few others. I now take prescribed melatonin, DHEA, cortisol and testosterone (low doses!) and vitamins and minerals. I feel so much better now.

  • searchsummit says:

    I added your “vote” for her. Thanks.

  • larsiemannen says:

    “I won’t hit you with alot of biographical questions. Adishanti: Thank you rick!. Was that the ego who replied? Since it was so pain?

  • chuckthelumberjack says:

    Its like, I think that the more I am willing to be mediocre (e.c simple person, working jobs even considered menial like cashier or garbage man) the more I can relax into nothingness, and the more grace I receive. Its not like you have to be a garbage man, but you have to lower your ego to that. There’s also so many images of myself I’ve been shedding over the past months like “at least I’m handsome” or “at least I’m intelligent” or “at least I’m a good person”. I believe less and less in that

  • chuckthelumberjack says:

    Hey Mutageno. I notice that the more I give up my ambitions in life, all my ambitions, the easier this thing is. First I thought I would have the ambition to start up and run my own business, then I figured well this isn’t working out so might as well go to college. But since I waited a year since high school I can only afford community college now. And I was in the top 20 students, so I was expecting to go places. Anyway it feels like life is pushing me to accept mediocrity And I must accept it

  • mutageno says:

    thank you for writing this, im on this same boat..
    indeed i was also considering medication, because this does have the potential to keep me here stuck forever or to at the very least ruin my chances of getting a career
    even my toughts seem to be following this pattern of absolute procastination

    has this gotten any better for you?
    and i agree…it’s awesome that they are actually documenting all this!

  • sachinpc says:

    It helped me a lot. Also jogging and lifting weights automatically gets your testoterone running , increases heart-rate ( which is not conducive to meditation ) and refreshes the brain . Once this happens you can meditate whenever you are ready and work whenever you have to. For me this method worked best.

  • sachinpc says:

    I think physical phenomena, however they might begin , finally result in some kind of hormones or the other. Spirituality is the driver ( as you said ) . But it uses the mechanism of the body . So if you are feeling physical un-motivated, its most likely the hormones which have been regulated through spiritual practices optimally for meditation or “Just being” , but if the mind wants to do something, like work, then this is not optimal. please check thyroid, testoterone levels,

  • chuckthelumberjack says:

    Thanks. I hear hormones are a huge thing as well. Right now I’m totally confused if what I’m experiencing right now is mostly spiritual or mostly physical. I’m working my tail off to improve my physical health; taking adaptogenic herbs, eating organic food, getting grounded, ect so I can know for sure its not really my health. I feel like before the whole spiritual thing entered my life though I could push my way through physical discomfort/ lethargy and get stuff done. Not so much now.

  • sachinpc says:

    I am experiencing something similar , a bit diminished energy , I go out of my way to take walks, run, listen to fast music, socialize . These things have helped me reduce the lethargy. I also got a thorough medical checkup to see which hormones low. Since hormones are the basic mechanism of the body to regulate energy. Cut down on coffee and drink lots of water . do weights or something that will increase testoterone. Hope it helps, May the I-am Bless you.

  • sachinpc says:

    Yes, Adyashanti practices the practice of sitting into or resting as silence. Basically a pointer to that is, to – Not interpret anything that you see through the eyes, not accessing any memory . One key to this is , whenever a thought comes to the mind, shift your attention to – who is thinking this thought? – i.e if “I” am what I think ..then who is I . Its a way for the mind to silence itself, by moving attention more and more to the originator of thought..which is silence

  • sachinpc says:

    Adyashanti’s teachings are so helpful , Adyashanti , Mooji, Papaji Wow! I am lucky to be born in this time period

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