Adi Shakti Guru Ganesha Singh Snatam Kaur

Tһіѕ video i mаԁе several months ago tο honour tһе work οf Snatam Kaur аחԁ Guru Ganesha Singh. Tһеу аrе ѕο beautifull singers аחԁ i appreciate tһеіr work ѕο much. Sο һаνе fun wіtһ tһіѕ video аחԁ tһіѕ fаחtаѕtіс song. Aѕ аח request fοr tһе cords i found tһіѕ:

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22 Responses to “Adi Shakti Guru Ganesha Singh Snatam Kaur”

  • hidearCellofGod says:

    GRACIAS! Wonderful, we sing with Gurú Ganesha while doing this or that during the day, the blessings of Shakti ma, se hacen sentir, we can feel them pouring on us filling us with joy, love and happiness, that cannot be compared to anything else, Thnx Gurú Ganesha, miss you guys, come to Germany soon! To Berlin, he, he. Blessings & love 2 all

  • hidearCellofGod says:

    También se deriva de namasté y tambien es un saludo: Saludo ó me postro ante…..

  • Lucy Silva says:


  • Pablo Saavedra says:

    que significa namo namo ,namaha….gracia chaltu namaste.

  • Sei VeganOsh says:

    The main chords are- A-G-Bm, can’t get all the chords for the change but E and A are in there.

  • Sei VeganOsh says:

    lyrics please. warms the soul!

  • Sei VeganOsh says:

    Namo Namo!

  • Siddharth Barpaga says:

    very good tabla work at the end

  • malkooth says:

    Yogi Bhajan:

    46. As a direct, proximate and foreseeable consequence of the defendants’ acts as set forth above, the plaintiff has suffered the physical, psychological and economic injury set forth above at paragraphs 40 and 41. In addition the plaintiff suffered bruising over her entire body; two elective abortions; hemmoraging which resulted in hospitalization; and contraction of herpes simplex.

  • veet72 says:

    benedizioni infinite piovono su di noi
    endless blessings rain down on us

  • Marc Schroeder says:

    god bless you

  • Lavdeep Sullar says:

    Beautifully sung. But I am requesting you (American Sikhs who are capable to preach the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib ji) please come to India for preaching. Nowdays few Indian Sikhs are not beleive in sikhism and its teachings.They just want to adopt western culture. There are so many pracharak(Preachers) in India who tell us how to follow teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, but few Indian sikhs are attracting towards westernisation.So I beleive if u people come in india,they definetly listen u

  • Eliana Prado Soares says:

    DEUS é maravilhoso por nós dá grandes cantouras que fazem tantas mùsicas maravilhosa, que nós trazem paz amor, obrigado á quém postou estes videos lindos!!

  • punkassSERBIA says:

    Could you send me that link of the tab that you found.i couldn’t find it myself.I would be very grateful.

  • Shimi thePOOL says:

    couldnt find this one…but i think i found them myself…thank you – one love

  • orpheus2006 says:

    See in description. I found something for you.

  • ishpond says:

    …can someone help me with the chords of this magnificent piece
    much love

  • Maria Stoltz says:

    Vibrerar rakt in i hjärtat 3

  • MrPlutity says:

    Typical Flippin americans with their “Woo Hoo” bullshit. The taal (drum beats) at the end was awsome!

  • MrPlutity says:

    This would have been so much better without the vocals. Spoiled a great piece of music!

  • NoeBernardin says:

    Just beautiful!!

  • Ribeiro Emidio says:


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