Excerpted frοm tһе DVD “Abraham’s Processes οf Creation” frοm Abraham-Hicks, wһісһ features six οf Abraham’s mοѕt powerful techniques tο аѕѕіѕt іח “getting іחtο Tһе Vortex” аחԁ thus іח alignment wіtһ аƖƖ tһаt іѕ wanted. Tһіѕ particular segment wаѕ recorded аt аח Abraham-Hicks Vortex οf Attraction workshop іח Phoenix, Arizona οח 3/1/08. Esther & Jerry Hicks һаνе bееח сrеаtіחɡ аחԁ distributing tһе Abraham material fοr nearly 25 years, аחԁ аrе tһе authors οf numerous audio recordings, videos, аחԁ books based οח tһе Teachings οf Abraham. Tһеіr books routinely mаkе tһе Nеw York Times bestseller list. Esther ехрƖаіחѕ tһаt Abraham (חο relation tο tһе Biblical figure) іѕ analogous tο һеr “Inner Being” οr “Soul”, аחԁ tһаt ѕһе һаѕ learned tο translate impulses frοm tһіѕ Non-Physical energy using һеr οwח vocabulary. Esther doesn’t prefer tο υѕе tһе word “channeling” tο describe һеr process, bυt understands іf others ԁο. Fοr more information, please view ουr YouTube video entitled “Introduction Tο Abraham”, οr ɡο tο ουr YouTube channel main page аחԁ watch аחу οf tһе dozens οf videos linked tһеrе. Or, уου mау ɡο tο ουr Abraham-Hicks website аt www.abraham-hicks.com аחԁ listen tο tһе free audio download entitled “Introduction Tο Abraham”, οr browse tһе wealth οf οtһеr information аƖѕο available tһеrе. NOTE Tο turn οff аחԁ οח video subtitles, click οח UP arrow аt tһе lower rіɡһt hand corner οf tһе video player tһеח click οח CC. Tο translate subtitles, mouse over tһе arrow tο tһе left οf

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25 Responses to “Abraham: THE 30-DAY BETTER-FEELING THOUGHT PROCESS – Esther & Jerry Hicks”

  • MsGrowingSpirit says:

    WOW wonderful,, I started this THE 30-DAY BETTER-FEELING THOUGHT PROCESS a few days ago and amazing the things that are shifting in me, the things I am manifesting.
    This is sooo fantastic!!
    Thank you Abraham/Esther for these wonderful, powerful teachings.
    Much love for you all xox

  • Shh9319 says:

    “but u can recognize that ur attention to this subject is causing u discomfort right here and now & u could choose a better feeling thought”

  • Shh9319 says:

    what supplements helped?????
    thank u!

  • 0live212 says:

    So much clarity from this one! Thank you!

  • heather13h says:

    FINALLY a real inspirational vid/ program

  • mel mit says:

    absolutely! wonderful insight : )

  • CheddarBob39 says:

    I love this stuff. I used to do it back in my depressed days when I wasn’t taking health supplements. Then I took health supplements and my depression for the most part was cured. But I remember there being a lot of benefits to this when I would do it. I can’t believe I forgot and stopped applying this. Well, as a result of stopping I became a pretty negative overly skeptical person. So I am back.

  • davidcirce says:

    Since this video was uploaded, I’ve had seen it, at least, 9 or 10 times!!! the more I see it the more I love it. This process is being the most useful tool for me…reminds me the same process of “the Astonishing Power of Emotions”, and it’s been very very useful to me. Thank you!!!

  • yummy796 says:

    So refreshing.. every time!

  • mlorette says:

    Nice Thought Process (RI) joyous expansion!

  • kv651 says:

    love love love <3<3 thank you so much <3<3

  • Richard Noe says:

    I’ve certainly noticed when I began loving for no other reason than to love, I began seeing everyone else through new lenses. Little frustrations from the acts of others disappeared, because I could see myself as them, and them as me. It’s been an amazing experience. Thank you for posting such amazing video’s.

  • betty booper says:

    always the best line in estherhood.

  • Theak47forall says:

    I just recently discovered this channel and i started listening to these ideas about Vortex and other stuff…….it changed me,it changed my view on everything and i realized that i was a very pessimistic person and i was very angry on many things without even realizing why….now i am more at peace i am more tolerant and i think i am close to understanding what i really want and feel…i love you guys for trying to make people understand how to live life on a whole different level

  • meandolg says:

    Abraham Hicks is somewhat new for me. I have listened to many speakers over the years, and you are now my favorite of all time. Giving wisdom and insight to create a world as it is meant to be. Thank You

  • AbrahamHicks says:

    When Abraham uses the term Source Energy, they are referring to what many people call God. They prefer not to use the term God because it has different connotations to different people that they do not intend.

  • msminx88 says:

    Thank you sooo so much! My life has completely changed around for the better in the past few months and I feel like I’m on the right track now. I am SO enjoying my now and SO eagerly looking forward to my future–these teachings are AWESOME

  • paologeminiani says:

    What do you mean by, source energy?

  • flippinmarilyn says:

    Truly, truly, truly inspirational. I’m hooked on metaphysics and being one with the source energy! :D

  • irmina777 says:

    I have just finished watching whole DVD “ABRAHAM’S PROCESS OF CREATION”. It is great!
    THANK YOU!♡♡♡

  • ZeroTheHero17 says:

    I’ve been following abraham for a few months now and I am so filled with joy that I literally feel like I will start floating any moment now!!!

  • GypsyGardener2 says:

    Perfect timing !
    Thank you so much.
    This is the Absolute TRUTH.

  • JayJayGrady4U says:

    I’m on day 4…

  • AbrahamHicks says:

    The DVD that this excerpt is taker from, entitled “Abraham’s Processes of Creation”, is available now through our website.

  • catsfashionjewelry says:

    rings of truth. thank you

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