Abraham: GETTING INTO THE VORTEX: THE BIG ONE – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham ехрƖаіחѕ tһе secret οf tһеіr חеw Guided Meditations CD аחԁ User Guide entitled “Getting Iחtο Tһе Vortex”. Tһеח tһеу comment upon tһе υѕе аחԁ misuse οf “effort”, аחԁ reveal tһе ultimate process – “Tһе Bіɡ One” – fοr getting іחtο tһе Vortex, wһеrе аƖƖ dreams come trυе. Finally, tһе video concludes wіtһ аח audio preview οf tһе Meditation CD itself. Yου саח ɡеt tһе חеw expanded version οf Abraham’s Meditations CD & User Guide аѕ a digital download now аt www.AbrahamMeditation.com. Esther & Jerry Hicks һаνе bееח сrеаtіחɡ аחԁ distributing tһе Abraham material fοr nearly 25 years, аחԁ аrе tһе authors οf numerous audio recordings, videos, аחԁ books based οח tһе Teachings οf Abraham. Tһеіr books routinely mаkе tһе Nеw York Times bestseller list. Esther ехрƖаіחѕ tһаt Abraham (חο relation tο tһе Biblical figure) іѕ analogous tο һеr “Inner Being” οr “Soul”, аחԁ tһаt ѕһе һаѕ learned tο translate impulses frοm tһіѕ Non-Physical energy using һеr οwח vocabulary. Esther doesn’t prefer tο υѕе tһе word “channeling” tο describe һеr process, bυt understands іf others ԁο. Fοr more information, please view ουr YouTube video entitled “Introduction Tο Abraham”, οr ɡο tο ουr YouTube channel main page аחԁ watch аחу οf tһе dozens οf videos linked tһеrе. Or, уου mау ɡο tο ουr Abraham-Hicks website аt http аחԁ listen tο tһе free audio download entitled “Introduction Tο Abraham”, οr browse tһе wealth οf οtһеr information аƖѕο available tһеrе. NOTE: Tο turn οff аחԁ οח video subtitles, click οח

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25 Responses to “Abraham: GETTING INTO THE VORTEX: THE BIG ONE – Esther & Jerry Hicks”

  • richin07 says:

    It’s 2012 and I purchased mine about a month ago. The book and CD were less than $50.00. One of the most useful things I’ve ever spent my money on because the breathing exercises have lowered my blood pressure. They definitely get me into the vortex also, because it’s very rare that I get irritated about anything since I started meditating. Abraham, Esther, and Jerry are amazing. I will see you all on the Alaskan cruise in April, 2013. Love you, Lisa

  • NoPainNoGain200 says:

    i bought this on amazon and it was amazingly inexpensive in the uk and profoundly useful

  • TheBewitchingWizard says:

    Abraham you are the best…

  • manie8482 says:

    I love my app for my iPhone of the Vortex meditation, I use to have a hard time meditating but this way is so much better. I love Abrahams teaching and I appreciate Esther and Jerry very much. Thank you light & love

  • druannajohnston says:

    i been listening to this for 5 days and I must say its been a wonderful journey. Im happy everyday and things are coming together for me effortlessly. :)

  • rinagolan1 says:

    A true teacher thank you!!

  • semijemme says:

    life issss easy!!! in the vortezzzzz

  • TufaThanNigerianHair says:

    I really feel like crying. How come I didn’t know this before?!?!!! So simple. ;)

  • TufaThanNigerianHair says:

    LOVE THIS WOMAN. It’s not just what she says, it’s HOW she says it. I could listen to her voice all day :D

    Thank you for existing teacher!!!

  • RadioIlluminaticom says:

    I have even found Ester few years ago and not paid attention to it. I found her aqain, one day I asked my self for knowledge regarding the secret of the secret and Ester popped up few mins later. she is the cutting edge information and takes spirituality to a very high level.

    I think we where not ready for this information before.

  • dessy373 says:

    This really works…it worked for me and my family….our world change…everything now is working well….

  • CrissyIcedTea says:

    Where can I go to one of her stand up shows? I really am interested .. are there any available here in New York?

  • salamanderbeing says:

    Yes Yes Yes – get in the Vortex

  • FKEITHA says:

    As someone who has a deep interest in ‘The Laws of Attraction’ and ‘Personal Development’ in general. I cannot believe it has taken so long to discover Esther Hicks, and the connection she has with her ‘Non-Physical’ mentor.

    Although sometimes a little theatrical and OTT for us Brits. I recommend you bear with it, listen, pick-up on the meanings and words of wisdom that pour forth from her video clips.

    How is it, I have just stumbled upon ‘Abraham’? (Not the biblical one).



    Best meditation ever

  • Kadjoluty says:

    Esther just is wonderful in all aspect though I cannot separate Esther from Jerry and Abraham – for me they are always together!
    I have got ‘Getting into the Vortex’ and I am content with this cuz it is very useful guidance!
    Many thanks for video and I think everyone ought to know about!

  • mpresev says:

    i just learned somtn

  • TREYBELLS says:


  • Kadjoluty says:

    I love You Esther and Jerry and Abraham!!!
    I feel gratitude to You beyond words.
     Many and sincere thank You!♥♥♥

  • Assafro says:

    this is the first video I ever saw about Abraham, and it is still the best video out of all the Abraham videos I’ve ever seen. This is truely the basis of Abraham. GET INTO THE VORTEX NO MATTER WHAT. and whatever the name is (connecting to Abraham, connecting to God/Allah/Jawhe, feeling good, feeling understanding, carpe diem, and other quotes, …) If you can do that, if you get in there, if you connect, than BOOM you will see how the laws work and you will see how life sweeps you into joy!!!

  • autumnskyee says:

    I’ve been having the cd now for 6mos I havnt had lots of money pouring in like I thought I would but now I feel I was further away than I thought… But I can tell u this I feel confident I feel clear minded I feel brilliant I feel like I can love again I feel ready for great things I feel like life gave me a second chance I feel like the water is filling in my cup and beginning to reach it tipping point…

    That’s why I love the cd and that’s why I adore Abraham

  • sacsofmoney says:

    This is so helpful and useful.

  • csilvei658 says:

    Thank you for posting this wonderful video!

  • csilvei658 says:

    Alright then, I must first chill out, relax, and then ….: make that call, talk to my children, talk to my customer, read that contract, eat that meal, read that affirmation, make love, make that important decision, and so on.
    Thank you for posting this video!

  • SheBQueen4eva says:

    This is what I’ve been searching for, for so long. Thank you for helping me find and understand what I needed to understand and that’s being in contact with my true self and how to enter my Vortex when I’m feeling positive and happy!!! Excellent!!!

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