60mins of “Wave Sounds” “Sleep Video”

MP3 Downloads οf many οf mу videos аt www.texashighdef.net Taped іח Galveston Texas

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25 Responses to “60mins of “Wave Sounds” “Sleep Video””

  • Oliversudden306 says:

    But what if I pee myself? Haha..

  • Oliversudden306 says:

    - Well shut the fuck up & find something suitable for you. (Not saying that in a mean way, although most people would think I am, lol.)

  • skylilly1 says:

    How lovely to see the sunrise in real time….thanks a ton….

  • Nikolaus Vogt says:

    How am I suppost to sleep to that? If I imagine laying on that beach, I just thonk of how wet it must be. Also, I would know that the tide will probably kill me after a few hours of sleep.
    Not very pleasant! ^^

  • 45gunner says:

    OMG!…LOL; thats funny!

  • gohouen says:

    いいね thanks lot!!

  • Aleshka Mateo says:

    Thx yogaduke laugh out loud

  • yogaduke says:

    Look through my sleep video playlist and you will find some without water in them if you like. I have even more of them on my TexasHighDef channel.
    Good Luck and Sleep Tight!

  • MentationRap says:

    Wanna try something new to fall asleep with, usually i fall alseep listening to music, but my mom says this makes you calmer.. the only problem is that im afriad this might make me pee during the night, we will see.

  • MrSweatyPants says:

    I could wank to this

  • LoveFlatfootin1 says:

    Very nice haiku.

  • eniveparg says:

    Had a condo on the beach and falling asleep to the ocean is by far the most relaxing nights of sleep ever! Anytime I cant use the real ocean I make sure to use these sounds!

  • Thumpa Continues says:

    When you’re here sitting in your bed, in city center, in the middle of the week and that you have to go to school the next day… this video must be the saddest thing ever. It makes you wanna quit everything just to lay down on the beach somewhere in an isolate place in the world, and juste forget about everything, all the things you have to do and the shitty stuff who are waiting for you.

  • mitchellrae says:

    I tried using this and it just made me need a fucking piss.. Thanks mate.

  • spadecodezor says:

    The seagulls make it so peaceful

  • MizzSexiiPianist says:

    sunrise xx

  • Aaliyahluvsyah says:

    ty u helped me block out a cricket tht kept me up… congrats u saved his life i was ready tofind and kill him :3

  • monsunoman1 says:

    I was goin to sleep with this and then i thought about pop ups

  • crazypete44 says:

    yogaduke did u take this during a sunrise?

  • leslie varela says:

    My mom says. That the cea has some kind of thing that makes u relax nd sleep its SO TRUE :D I Luv peaceful things

  • leslie varela says:

    It’s so peacefully love it I was falling a sleep with this

  • WaveBuilder12 says:

    lol i watched this two hours ago woke like 2 hours after

  • Ian7101 says:

    I was tryin to sleep but I keep thinki there would be a pop up scare thing at the end so I didnt fall asleep :P oh well

  • trixy656 says:


  • MrZephryable says:

    i miss this sound

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