2011-01-03 Webbot Clif High Interview w/ Suzanne Toro

Connect wіtһ уουr Soul Group οr find уουr Soulmate аt in5d Connection www.in5d.NET EVERYONE іѕ welcome! in5d httpUPDATED DAILY! Tһе Internet’s Ɩаrɡеѕt Esoteric, Spiritual аחԁ Metaphysical Database! Webbot Clif High Interview wаѕ interview bу Suzanne Toro οח January 3rd, 2011. #147 – Mοѕt Viewed (Today)) – Science & Technology – South Africa #51 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Science & Technology in5d www.in5d.com spiritual, awakening, journey, ascension, enlightenment, meditation, 2012, doomsday, apocalypse, prophecy, 11:11, 1111, 5d earth, 3rd eye, pineal gland, spirit guide, spirit guides, chakras, golden age, consciousness, awakening, indigo, indigo kicd, indigo adults, indigo quiz, spiritual journey, symptoms, 5th dimension, 2012 enigma, spirit, vibration, edgar cayce, spiritual awareness, DNA upgrade, һοw tο meditate, chakra, indigo children, starseeds, walk-ins, life path number, numerology, near death experience, photon belt, oobe, out οf body experiences, age οf aquarius, empaths, healing, photon energy, Dolores cannon, December, 21, 2012, mayan, calendar, prophecy doomsday, apocalypse, еחԁ times, higher self

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25 Responses to “2011-01-03 Webbot Clif High Interview w/ Suzanne Toro”

  • DgurlSunshine says:


  • TragicLegend says:

    @thyalwaysseek, After listening to this interview with an open mind, it is very clear that although Cliff is highly intelligent (gifted, one might say), his mission almost completely lacks any compassion whatsoever. It’s as if he has become a part of the linguistic data he is researching and his spirit has been carried away on a river of information. He seems to be trying to sell an insight philosophy that he, himself is unsure of and for that he needs you and I to give him validation.

  • lazyfreedom98 says:



    to the


    Guilt makes the sex better.

  • MauiSkyWatcher says:

    Exactly! WE intend to survive, by exposing diabolical agendas and raising global awareness and compassion, by increasing our own awareness and compassion.

  • Thyalwaysseek says:

    Demise of the NWO is a fact and it is unfolding before our eyes.

  • Thyalwaysseek says:

    Please make a vid.

  • Thyalwaysseek says:

    Care to achieve real enlightenment? Then don’t go searching for answers on the internet…look within to find clarity.

  • onesidezero0389 says:

    I feel bad for anyone who believe anything these guys say

  • informationwarfare says:

    why do they charge money for this? this is what is wrong with the world! make it free!

  • NellieBrown100 says:

    Care to learn how to achieve real enlightenment?Figured out that most information out there is recycling the same words?intuition, healing powers, it is all part of human nature.Enter THE-HIDDEN-SPIRITdotCOM and finally get what you’ve been looking for.

  • conan0869 says:

    Cliff High is high. He’s also a government spy who wants to hand over all of our women to aliens. I have the files to prove it.

  • BlackNapkins86 says:

    Anyone else not impressed with this interview? Most of it has nothing to do with actual ‘data’.

  • markmeurs says:

    Many blessings to you Cliff, it must be quite difficult living in your head…

  • spellbinder00 says:

    I agree, I use a larger vocabulary when I write, then when am speaking to people day to day. I would use larger words with more meaning. I then have to look up spelling, because I don’t use those words every day.

  • Mischafour says:

     thanks, much appreciated.

  • omtara2012 says:

    -missile off los angeles coast swept under the rug

    -wikileaks took front and center

    -airport security: new radiation xray machines…pat downs….

    -War Games continue…

    -Dollar further devalues and China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade

    -all caused release language and are part of the tipping point.

  • real0rimagined says:

    wow he turns into a webbot at 1:51:00

  • jamerfunk says:



  • jamerfunk says:

    re: short cut,I wasn’t racing to get anywhere, only highlight Cliffs flawed statement,that MDMA is a drug, its a chemical compound &t does not dumb you down, in fact the opposite, it wakes you the fuck up. Hello, god’s in the house, get them dancin shoes movin, ya get me?
    Now hows about them beats, ever heard music sound good b4? says god. you shake your head in silent response.
    Alexander Shulgin works directly for god not the government. god= the one who built earth n sky.

  • jondoe8o says:

    I enjoyed drugs, especially mdma!
    but it’s a shortcut that does not bring you to the same place as years of practice in meditation do.

  • jondoe8o says:

    just for your consideration cliff. not everything that would kill your dog is bad for your health…

    what could kill a dog:
    grapes and raisins
    seeds from fuit
    raw meat from pigs

  • jamerfunk says:

    still enJoyed the rest though great show. 

  • jamerfunk says:

    Re1.32.20: Cliffs remarks that XTC is a drug that dumbs you down is a falacious statement by somebody who has Not tried it or drank booze Whilst doing So.
    Furthermore, highly recommend researching vids on Alexander Shulgin – who rediscovered MDMA.
    The hieghts of Spiritual Connection attained through xtc’s doorway are un-presidented in dance. It makes meditating on a mat look like something only the dead enJoy.

  • jamerfunk says:

    regards, Questions of money, The important questions to start with are, What determins Money’s Value?
    Or look at the question slightly altered.

    What determins Gold’s Value? Actually the questions are leading.

    The real question is WHO determins the Value of Monitary exchange & why. Who fixes the prices on commodity’s, like gold, oil, water and Land?
    The religious cults assumed control of that a long time ago.

  • MauiSkyWatcher says:

    I wouldnt underestimate Clif High’s awareness and genius…consider that he understands the power of words, and is intentionally steering the course of the future by exposing the possiblities of danger, and thereby rendering them ineffective. The November tilting point can be seen as the beginning of mass awareness of the global agenda, thanks to wikileaks and others. Much of his prophesy involves the demise of the NWO. Extremely wishful thinking or powerful intentional forecasting? WE decide.

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