15 Minute Bodyscan Meditation (with download)

Download tһіѕ video fοr уουr computer, phone οr iPod аt sites.google.com

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19 Responses to “15 Minute Bodyscan Meditation (with download)”

  • kybend says:

    This is one of my favorite guided meditations. You voice is so soothing, kind and forgiving. I feel ver safe and loved while doing this, what a great way to start my day. Thank you so much, Namaste.

  • ChEeZeBaLL999 says:

    This video is really great; I’ve been listening to it every day.

  • globalman says:

    This really saves my life!

  • Athena Reich says:

    I do this every day. I love it!

  • roberto canales says:

    Any way I trying to say this is a good thing to learn to help with ones mistakes during the day as to try and be per say abstenent. To train the mind to vition a future action such full on exercises. Its amasing its all here. I shuold learn as much for a better future.

  • globalman says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  • annamanita says:

    Thank you for such an amazing guided meditation. Yours is one of the only few ones on youtube that I can follow and feel soo good afterwards. So relaxing ..

  • lasoogneypubes says:

    You should really put in the title GUIDED MEDITATION. I hate guided meditations, they’re annoying and distracting.

  • SohoTdrinkingMassive says:

    Thank you very much for posting this. It is a kind gesture. Having bought and tried three other body scans, but found them hard to get on with. And became reluctant to keep spending money on things that are not quite as easy for a beginner. This is a great start for a new person to build daily practice. 15 minutes is a manageable start to work with and build upon.

  • BytomGirl says:

    It would have been great without the gong, it really kept me awake and prevented me from relaxing. Without it I would have loved it.

  • rumimoves says:

    Very helpful, thanks.

  • sodadash says:

    brilliant! this helped me sleep when i was stuck, now im recommending it to friends

  • Denie59 says:

    Thank you. À beautiful start of the day. Fron Holland.

  • talyoshka says:

    this is the best pase on mindfullness i have found
    thank you!!!it’s such a plesure.
    thank you 4m Israel

  • sgadhoc says:

    thank you, from denmark

  • endaguinan says:

    It’s working for me. Try again?

  • annamanita says:

    Hi, your videos are very good. I go to meditation classes and your videos are as good and gives me the opportunity to practice at home. Please kyep them coming, thank you so much :)

  • sugurb says:

    it’s very nice to bad website is down so I can’t download it :(

  • pinkers72 says:

    15 minutes of bliss.

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